WATCH an Idiot Driver Drag a U-Haul Trailer That Tipped Over – And He Won’t Stop! (VIDEO)

flipped trailer

If you’re like most drivers, you’ve seen your share of idiots on America’s roadways, as the shallow end of the gene pool brings added danger to your journey.

One recent viral video, however, may be the worst example of careless, clueless driving yet. It features an unidentified person pulling a U-Haul trailer. That isn’t unusual, except for the fact that this trailer has tipped over and is being dragged on its side. And the driver won’t stop.

The undated video shows a person in a Hyundai minivan pulling the small trailer, which has obviously tipped over and is now being dragged behind the vehicle.

Another driver on the unidentified highway saw the vehicle and started recording, and can be heard attempting to make contact with the driver. The vehicle, which has Texas license plates, either ignores or doesn’t notice their efforts, and even appears to speed up, leaving the other driver behind and continuing to pull the tipped trailer.

flipped trailer

The tipped trailer should be obvious to the driver, as it is in obvious view of the rear-view mirrors. Not to mention the noise the scraping metal is making. It appears the minivan also has some significant damage to the back, likely caused by the trailer twisting the vehicle’s hitch mount.

Regardless, the driver just keeps on trucking.

Good luck getting the deposit back when the trailer is turned in.

Here’s the video.

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