Watch Ben Shapiro Put Liberal Snowflakes In Their Place On The Floor Of Congress (VIDEO)

The United States is currently locked in a battle to retain our constitutional rights, and the right to free speech is at the center of that battle. If liberals on the warpath against various types of speech can get conservatives to just be quiet, they will be able to win the fight over all the other rights by default. Ben Shapiro is not about to let that happen.

There is a reason why the freedom of speech is so important in keeping our other liberties. If we’re not able to speak the truth, without someone shutting us down by saying our opinion is violent or aggressive, we have no recourse. A forum for open debate has always been the way everyone, from political candidates down to the workmen hanging out around a water cooler, have reasoned out right and wrong.

Conservative political commentator and attorney Ben Shapiro was asked to testify before Congress about free speech, and he crushed the liberal agenda to quiet conservatives.

If you’ve ever been involved in an argument, you know it would be great to have a magic bullet that renders your opponent’s points invalid. Marginalizing one’s opinion based on the way they look or the where they’re born should be something that liberals are against, since it’s basically racism. But that’s not how it works.

If a person’s words are considered wrong or invalid based solely on how another person views it, the person saying things will never know what they can say. We can never know for sure how something will be taken.¬†How a comment is perceived depends on background, mood, health, current circumstances, etc. This was the reason for the freedom of speech in the first place; others filtering the words coming out of your mouth is the most basic way to control you.

On the reverse side of that, Mr. Shapiro makes an excellent point about what ideas like this will do to the young people of America today. A world of political correctness and social media has taken up any extra emotional energy that most have. Telling people that they should be upset over words only gives them more to worry about. Telling them they need to police their friends and classmates will only create an even bigger divide, where there should be open dialog.

We shouldn’t be scared of hearing other ideas. Sometimes we can be scared of the implementation of those ideas, but hearing the other side out and seeing what is going on in the minds of our fellow Americans shouldn’t be something that frightens us.

Basically, this boils down to the fact that people are always looking for a reason to lash out, we shouldn’t give them one. Allowing people to bully others out of saying something because they don’t want it said doesn’t make growth and progression, it makes for the loudest voice being assumed to be correct. When is the last time the loudest person in the room was the most factually correct?

I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. – Voltaire

(Source: Youtube)

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