WATCH: “Black Lives Matter” Thug GOES BERSERK on White Guy – She Didn’t Realize The Camera Was On!

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Black Lives Matter, despite being portrayed as a peaceful movement, is filled with violent hooligans. CNN and the liberal media are investing millions into feeding the public lies about this hate group. Fortunately, the truth was just caught on camera.

Under the Obama administration, racial tensions rose to an all time high. Part of this was certainly due to Obama’s pandering to the violent ghetto communities of Ferguson and Baltimore, but part of it was also the liberal billionaire elite funding these hate groups.

As has previously been reported, George Soros is a well known liberal billionaire, infamous for his meddling in US politics. To date, he’s poured billions of dollars into liberal causes such as communist groups, Antifa, the first Muslim Governor, and you guessed it, Black Lives Matter.

His goal is to destabilize the US, and to profit from our demise—something that many patriots are already aware of. That’s why he’s been donating millions to thugs and their “activist groups,” like the one below, who innocently attacks a news reporter for, you know, reporting the news.

After being asked what she’s doing blocking a highway, she goes completely ape. “GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE!” she yells at the reporter, and begins to physically accost him and get up in his face. Unfortunately, this is the type of behavior that conservatives have come to expect from Black Lives Matter.

“GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE! GET THE F**K OUT!” she repeatedly yells, as the reporter grows visibly stunned. “NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE! YOU ARE A F**KING DISGRACE!” she yells, after being backed up by her thuggish boyfriend (presumably).

He begins to physically confront the man, and screams racial slurs at him. They push him, touch his microphone, and threaten to “whoop his ass,” in a manner typical of Black Lives Matter scumbags who cry “racism,” over everything.

After the #BLM gang teams up on the reporter (who is supposedly from Fox News, although this is unconfirmed), he runs away, likely in fear for his life. The hooligans scream and shout, as if they’ve won some massive victory, when really they’ve just exposed their own hatred and racism.

These are the videos that CNN will now show you. These are the videos that they are trying to bury, while they air the .001% of black deaths that are caused by white cops. The liberal media does not want the truth to get out there, which is why they’re desperately trying to censor conservative news sites like this one.

It’s time for the people of America to WAKE UP to the hate group that is Black Lives Matter. They do not give a damn about saving black lives, they just hate white lives. They’re funded by a billionaire liberal elite, propped up by the corrupt media, and praised by the disgustingly smug Obama administration.

It’s time to put an end to this racial division, and proclaim, once and for all, that ALL lives matter! Please share this article if you agree.

H/T – Yes I’m Right

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