WATCH: Blaze TV host GOES OFF on race hustlers who are quick to pull race card on whites

Let’s just start with this, Tomi Lahren is awesome.

She echoes what has been my attitude for years. I don’t worry about the “racist” label. I know I’m not a racist. People who actually know me know I’m not a racist. I don’t care what some intellectually lazy asshat with keyboard courage has to say on the matter. If they had a shred of intelligence they would argue and debate on the merits.

People pull the race card because they’re not smart enough to do anything else. Doing so say says more about them than it ever will about the people they accuse of racism.

As for the BET Jesse Williams rant (who I had NEVER heard of before this), I try to reserve judgement because I don’t fully know his experiences with race growing up. That said, it is tiresome and frustrating to say the least to see someone of mixed race play up their minority side at the expense of their white half BECAUSE it gives them power and a position of prominence, only to use said power and prominence to rail against being oppressed…especially in a room full of millionaire minorities.

THAT doesn’t make any sense.

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