WATCH: Clinton Uranium One Officials CAUGHT ON TAPE With Briefcases Full of Money (VIDEO)

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Ever since Hillary Clinton was involved with the traitorous Uranium One scandals during her reign as Secretary of State, conspiracy theorists have sought to prove her malevolence and involvement in the bribery. Now however, an FBI informant has just come out with hard, solid, video proof to back up these claims.

Leaked FBI documents and other intelligence has already confirmed that there was foul play abroad during Clinton’s reign as Secretary of State—yet most Americans have no idea to what extent. As Hannity discussed just recently however, video evidence proves that her foul play is far more than what people thought.

Jon Anthony of Silence is Consent previously reported that the FBI knew Russia bribed Hillary Clinton and some of her administration as early as 2009, but waited for years to even begin taking legal action. We have official FBI documents proving this.

Newly released documents show that the FBI had been investigating Russian nuclear officials as early as 2009, after discovering that they were engaged in bribery, extortion, and other shady activities on US soil. Federal agents used undercover agents to gather audio recordings, paper records, and emails, which showed Russia had done these things, in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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Even worse, the FBI had obtained eyewitness accounts and physical documents, indicating that Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars as a “donation” to the Clinton Foundation. Yet rather than bringing the charges to light, the FBI permitted then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to sign off on the controversial deal, which many have argued was unfairly generous to Putin.

Just recently however, the plot has thickened. Sean Hannity had two very reputable journalists from the Hill on his show last night, and exposed a major bombshell that has left most Americans completely lost for words. The FBI informant who AG Sessions’ administration ousted, William D. Campbell, has video evidence with briefcases full of money.

“We have seen the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, try to say there’s no connection between Uranium One and the Mikeran One,” said John Solomon of the Hill. “Now we saw two anonymous officials in a Reuters story saying that…and what we’ll say back to that is to tune into the Hill next week. We’ll show people the real FBI documents.”

Leftover components of the Deep State have been trying to downplay this entire case, but Hannity and numerous others insist that this is no small matter. “Four years an informant, he knew about the bribery, extortion, kickbacks, and money laundering of Putin’s agents in the US,” Hannity said in reference to the FBI informant who will be testifying.

Investigative reporter John Solomon of the Hill also added that the FBI informant, professionally a consultant, has video evidence of briefcases full of money, which would seemingly prove that Clinton and the Russians were involved in some sort of major bribery case.

Funny enough, the Democrats have spent the past year accusing President Trump of having ties to Russia…when in reality, it was their very own beloved Hillary Clinton who’d been engaging in bribery, extortion, and money laundering with Putin for nearly the past decade. How’s that for a dose of hypocrisy?

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H/T – Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit

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