WATCH: College Liberals Chant “BLACK POWER!” – THREATEN White Teachers to “GET THE F*CK OUT!”

Students at Evergreen State College have recently demanded that all white people get off campus for a day, because of ill cited claims of, you know, racism, hurt feelings, and social justice, and stuff.

Unfortunately, this is not a joke. 8 years of a black president has left our nation more racially divided than ever. Professor Bret Weinstein, who has a PhD in biology, spoke out against these anti-white students, and was asked to resign.

Tucker Carlson: “This year, student activists demanded that all white people leave campus…or else. Bret Weinstein refused, he’s a professor at Evergreen State, and he called the race based demand a ‘…show of force and an act of oppression…’ “

In response to this, the students swarmed him and argued that he’s racist, because of his white privilege. They curse at him, tell him to get the f*ck out, and to resign, which is all caught on film.

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In addition to this, Bret tells his side of the story:

Bret Weinstein: “…50 or so students decided to disrupt the class that I was holding that morning and demand my resignation.”

Tucker Carlson: “Because you couldn’t leave campus, because you’re white?”

Bret Weinstein: “Well, they imagine that I’m a racist and that I’m teaching racism in the classroom, and that has caused them to imagine that I have no right to speak, that I’m harming students by the very act of teaching them.”

Tucker Carlson: “What happened after the video cut out?”

Bret Weinstein: “…the campus police apparently showed up…the protesters then blocked their entrance. I did not call the police…they were concerned for my safety. The protesters blocked them, and the police had to run around and find another entrance to the building.”

If you have a son or a daughter, realize that this type of behavior is becoming more and more normal on liberal campuses—unfortunately, when we have academics who lack a spine, and pander to the social justice agenda, events like this occur quite frequently.

One user, whose previous account was deleted, uploaded the following video on YouTube:

In the video, you can see students chanting “black power,” among other extremely racist chants, all the while claiming that white people are the racist ones. This is the madness of modern liberalism—the Left accuses everyone else of the exact crimes that they’re guilty of themselves.

According to the Washington Times, however, the students claim that there’s a history of “…systemic racism at Evergreen,” and they cite various altercations between the police and minorities to support their claims.

Mr. Weinstein was forced to hold his Thursday class off campus, reported Seattle NBC affiliate KING5, after police raised concerns about his safety.”

“Mr. Carlson expressed disbelief at what has taken place at Evergreen, a series of events first reported by The Washington Times.”

“ ‘You said people shouldn’t be allowed to speak or not on the basis of their skin color, which is a foundational belief of the left, and one that I agree with strongly,’ Mr. Carlson said on his show. And for that, they physically threatened you and are trying to get you fired. This is unbelievable.’ ”

Thankfully, Fox News has been giving more honest coverage of this story. Pundit Greg Gutfield labeled the students “fascist robots with no brains in their heads,” and says that they’re sowing the “…seeds of totalitarianism.”

Whether or not racial tensions will get better or worse remains to be seen…hopefully, President Trump can undo the damage that Barrack Obama caused over the past 8 years.

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