WATCH: Cop Tells Felon “You Reach For That Gun, I’ll Blow Your Brains Out” – Look What Happens Next

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Police officers have been getting an enormous amount of guff from liberals, democrats, and Antifa members alike. Many claim that they are “trigger happy,” and are quick to blame racism for every single shooting between a cop and civilian. Well, this video seems to prove otherwise.

Every single time that a police officer ends up shooting a civilian, liberals scream and shout, claiming that the cop was racist, he voted for Donald Trump, and some other nonsense. Fortunately, due to modern day technology, a lot of dash cams are actually disproving these claims.

It turns out that, while some cops are certainly selfish and power hungry, most are actually noble protectors of the peace. In this one video, a cop is caught yelling at a felon who reaches for his gun—the cop warns him that he’ll blow his brains out, and then this happens.

Where’s the outcry from black lives matter? Oh, that’s right—they only care when black people die, they don’t care when whites, Mexicans, or Asians die. #BLM is a selfish movement based off of racism and hatred, and it will always be as such.

Blue Lives Matter reports:

Kettering, Ohio – Kettering Police officer Jonathon McCoy gave about 30 commands to the occupants of a car he pulled over before firing nine shots and killing a felon who had a gun sticking out of his pants. (Video below)

The Kettering Police released video of the Aug. 27 incident, according to The Dayton Daily News. The newspaper reported one of the commands Officer McCoy gave Jason Hoops before shooting him was, “You reach for that gun, I will blow your brains out, do you f—— understand me?”

Kettering Police Chief Chip Protsman said Officer McCoy told Hoops six times to get his hands up, six times to put his hands on the dash, four times not to move, twice not to reach for the gun, twice not to do anything stupid and four times to relax.

Chief Protsman said Hoops was a felon and was prohibited from carrying a firearm. And police also have a signed statement from someone who said Hoops said he was not going back prison and “was willing to take out any cop that he had to.”

The incident started as a routine traffic stop, but quickly escalated after Officer McCoy noticed a handgun sticking out of the felon’s pants. “We know there was a physical confrontation,” Police Chief Protsman added, “[the felon] reached down for the gun, and the officer stepped back, and that’s when the shots were fired.”

While there will still be a criminal investigation of the shooting, it seems that all the evidence needed has been caught on tape. If you ask me, every single police officer needs to have a dash cam, so that in the event of racist #BLM thugs preparing to cause uproar over some shooting, there’s proof of what happened.

This video just goes to show you that there are good cops out there, who put their lives on the line every single day. This cop didn’t want to shoot that man, but sometimes, when people act irrationally and threaten you with violence, it’s either your life…or theirs.

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