WATCH: Cops In San Diego Bust Out Some WHOOP A$$ On Anti-Trump Thugs


If you look at anti-Trump protesters as whole, they’re are worried about a lot of things. They are worried about losing their food stamps, illegals are afraid of being deported, having a family member or friend sent out of country, losing their comfortable, government welfare status etc. As a matter of fact, a lot of these degenerates are paid agitators courtesy of George Soros and the democrat opposition.

Mexican (not America) flags are being flown,  they’re throwing rocks at law enforcement, vandalizing, spitting on and committing violence on Trump supporters, cussing at women and children should I go on?

You get the point. These foul-mouthed, law-breaking dirt-bags need to pepper sprayed in the face, then locked up in the grey bar motel.  By the way, do you ever see Conservatives or Republicans doing anything even remotely close at a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rally?

Yeah, me neither.

here was even a protester issuing Trump a death threat with the sign that he was holding up. Check this out…

SAN DIEGO — Hundreds of protesters gathered outside a Donald Trump rally on Friday, chanting “f**k Donald Trump” and holding obscene signs — including one that included a death threat against Trump should he win the presidency in November.

The young protester held up a sign that read: “If TRUMP wins He’ll be DEAD with in A week The Cartel wont have his Bullsh*t.


h/t ClashDaliy

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