Watch Dinesh D’Souza make this liberal kid twist in his own flatulent wind of social justice


This really is such a delight to watch.

Here’s D’Souza’s description from his YouTube:

D’Souza gets accosted by a freshman, and a reasonably intelligent one, with a pair of questions about white privilege and Islamic militancy arising as a reaction to American imperialism. You won’t believe his response!

The video is 14 minutes long, it’s absolutely worth the time, but here’s the cliffs notes.

1. The kid is indeed “reasonably intelligent,” he can graduate from that to “intelligent” when he sheds the leftist barnacles off of his brain.

2. The story of the rise of the United States is not unique in the history of civilization, and when lily white liberals bemoan how we took the land from indigenous people D’Sousa reminds this kid that those tribes took the land from other tribes themselves. So this notion of justice via “returning” what was taken is a completely impractical one.

3. Best of all, D’Sousa challenges the kid to put his privileged white money where his big mouth is and “give up” his supposedly ill-begotten spot at Amherst College to a minority that he sees as oppressed and under privileged. A suggestion which the kid, and the rest of the room, balked at. The reason for that is simple, as Matt Walsh aptly puts it:

Remember, liberalism looks only to champion what is cheap and easy and undemanding. Multi-culturalism, like environmentalism, is a cheap and easy sort of cause because all it requires of you is lazy acquiescence and maybe a few retweeted hashtags.

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