Watch Donald Trump’s best smackdowns and comebacks OF ALL TIME! (VIDEO)

Trump insults

Even his enemies will admit that Donald Trump knows how to deliver a line. Now, we have a video with some of the best Donald Trump insults, smackdown, and comebacks from the campaign.

Donald Trump’s of-the-cuff remarks became a signature aspect of his stump speeches on the campaign trail. It also set him apart from the overly rehearsed, wooden Hillary Clinton. During the primaries, it helped to bury some if his opponents.

The media may not want to admit it, but Trump’s comebacks to Hillary Clinton made a bigger impression with the voters than any actual political argument. Personally, I felt his “You’d be in jail” line was one of the pivotal moments of the campaign. It defined Hillary as a crook and established Trump’s determination to bring real change to Washington.

Mark Dice has posted a YouTube video with some of the best Donald Trump insults and comebacks. It is a must-watch.

Here is the video.

Did the video miss a great Donald Trump line? Let us know in the comments below!

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