WATCH: Dumb Thug Threatens to Shoot Trump For Taking Away His Mama’s Food Stamps (VIDEO)

thug video threatening trump

Under the Barack Obama administration, our inner cities were absolutely destroyed by economically ineffective liberal policies. It should come as no surprise, then, that millions of Americans are dependent on welfare, food stamps, and other government handouts.

President Trump was elected specifically because conservatives are concerned about the growing nanny state, which Hillary Clinton would have gladly expanded. Democrats understand that the key to controlling a population is by making them dependent on the government, and that’s exactly why conservatives don’t WANT handouts.

Apparently some thugs will never learn, however—after learning that President Trump was going to take away his ghetto mama’s food stamps, one violent little thug threatened to start a war with President Trump, the U.S. Army, and the Green Berets.

“Let’s get it, n***a, a hundred round n***a, let’s go to war!” he proclaims, adding that he wants to “take the government to war,” and that he goes to war “with whoever the f*ck” he wants to. Most of the lyrics in this video are unintelligible, presumably because this thug didn’t pass third grade English class, but it’s still worth a watch.

“I really want to go to war with Donald Trump, because Donald Trump wants to take food stamps from my mama and that’s all the f*ck she got, b***h,” he states. “As long as the mother f*cking government let us keep food stamps, we gonna be good.”

He warns that things will get “ugly” and that “b*****s gonna go down” if President Trump decides to take away people’s “Fruit Loops.” This man is a prime example of why Barack Obama was elected president for not one, but two terms, despite him being the most racist, Marxist politician America has ever seen.

“We want war, we gonna declare war…we got the drums b***h and grenades,” he adds. You can watch the whole video below:

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