Watch Glenn Beck Troll Liberals With His AR-15 With CHAINSAW ATTACHMENT (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck

Earlier this week, USA Today engaged in some gun control fear-mongering and sent out a tweet claiming AR-15 owners could purchase a chainsaw attachment for their rifle. In response, Glenn Beck of The Blaze had some fun at their expense.

Since the details of the AR-15 itself aren’t as terrible as gun control advocates would have America think, they shift the focus to the attachments feature, and play up the dangers of grenade launchers and such. Whatever will distract from the fact that the AR-15 is not a fully automatic assault rifle, and only looks like a military-grade weapon.

Here’s the initial tweet by USA Today, which included a handy-dandy video. Be warned: absolute stupidity is just ahead.

In an earlier report on Silence Is Consent, we detailed the tweet, and the response from gun owners.

Their video, complete with scary music and ridiculously rare modifications, is meant to give people panic attacks at the mere thought of an AR-15. In reality, the majority of gun owning Americans are responsible and use their guns for self-defense, but of course USA Today doesn’t want us to think that.

Users had a hay day, attaching ridiculous “aftermarket accessories” onto the AR-15 in a massive troll fest which humiliated USA Today. One user tweeted out an image with an “imperial death star” under-barrel attachment, mocking USA Today as they try to make harmless tools seem like weapons of mass destruction.

The parody tweets mocking the video were awesome – and we covered some of the best in the earlier article (you can click here to check them out). Most fell along this line:

Glenn Beck of TheBlaze, not to be outdone, took the mockery to a whole new level, creating an actual chainsaw attachment for his AR-15 and showing it off at a local gun range. Check out the video and imagine the triggering it caused when snowflakes viewed it.

Glenn tests the chainsaw bayonet gun attachment as seen on USA…

Glenn Beck tests out his favorite new AR attachment- the chainsaw bayonet.Watch:

Posted by TheBlaze on Friday, November 10, 2017

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