WATCH: Leaked 2011 Footage of Vegas Shooter Emerges – Notice Anything Suspicious? (VIDEO)

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America was hit by the deadliest mass shooting of all time on Sunday, but as more evidence comes to light, citizens are beginning to question the official story. The police have refused to release any and all footage which would prove their story, but our sources reveal that leaked footage from 2011 has now been exposed.

Ever since the shooting occurred, government officials have been hesitant to reveal any casino footage which would verify their story. According to them, a 64-year-old Stephen Paddock was able to carry dozens of sniper rifles and high powered assault weapons up to his room undetected, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition.

He then supposedly smashed open the windows of his 32nd floor room, and proceeded to open fire thousands of rounds into a crowd below. In total, 58 were murdered and hundreds more were injured. Yet, as contradictory evidence mounts up, many are left wondering whether we’ve been told the whole story.

Silence is Consent previously reported that Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, leading the investigation into Stephen Paddock, believes that there may have been an accomplice which the media is not reporting on:

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, likely had someone helping him in the lead-up to the mass shooting that killed 58 and wounded nearly 500, the Las Vegas sheriff has confirmed.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo is now looking into the possibility of a second accomplice, as reports surface that he was seen with a woman at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Lombardo has also revealed that Paddock intended to survive the attack and escape, based on evidence they found. It was one of several revelations about the shooting that is now the most deadly in United States history.

It is now believed that Paddock had to have assistance “at some point” to help pull off the attack, according to Lombardo, who says the shooter would have had to have been a “super hero” to plan, set-up, and execute the shooting all on his own.

Sheriff Lombardo speculates that Paddock stopped shooting to try and escape the hotel, as he had a car packed with guns and explosives waiting. However, a hotel security guard had already positioned himself outside of his room, cornering him in. Paddock fired over 200 shots outside of the door, desperate to escape, to no avail. The security guard was shot but will survive.

Authorities also revealed that Paddock planned to explode a group of fuel tanks across the street from the festival, but his bullets did not pierce the tanks and ignite the fuel. That is why a second set of windows in his suite were broken out, which provided a better angle.

Victims of the shooting have also called into the Michael Savage radio show, claiming that they saw a second shooter in the crowd—and while there isn’t a smoking gun yet, new footage has been released which adds fuel to the conspiracy fire of this complex and mysterious event.

In 2011, Paddock reportedly slipped in the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas and later sued them, losing the case. “He was described as being slovenly, not well kept,” said a lawyer involved in the case. “He was not combative. This is not a guy that I would’ve looked at and thought he’s going to commit a crime some day,” he added.

The evidence doesn’t seem to add up. This non-combative, unkempt gambler, who did not have a history of religious or extremist group affiliations, just suddenly decided to snap one day and shoot thousands of rounds into a crowd? It doesn’t make sense, but then again, mass shootings never do.

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