WATCH: Liberal Gym Owner BANS Cops From Working Out – Look What Disgusting Sign He Put Out Front

anti-cop gym owner

Police officers, while sometimes intrusive, are the backbone of this country. Without a strong police force, criminals could run rampant and create havoc all across the nation.

This is why conservatives generally appreciate our officers. While some of them are certainly trigger-happy toddlers, ready to abuse their power at any instant, most of them are good men and women putting their lives on the line to protect this great country.

So naturally, liberals hate them. They hate the strong and the just, because it reflects their own lack of courage and strength. Unfortunately, this is why a liberal gym owner has just banned police officers from entering his gym. The Daily Wire reports that an Atlanta business owner put a vile sign outside of his gym, cursing out police:

An Atlanta gym owner who banned police officers and military members from working out at his facility put up a notice cursing cops and warning then to stay away.

Jim Chambers, owner of the EAV Barbell Club, put up a sign reading: “Rules: Do whatever the hell you want, correctly, except crossfit cultism – no f**king cops.”

On its Instagram account, the gym showed the sign with the caption, “We simplified our membership policy.”

While many have attacked the gym, claiming that their form of discrimination is illegal, Chambers has said that he has every right to deny police access to his gym.

Lawyers said that Chambers’ actions would not be considered illegal because police and soldiers are not considered a “protected class.”

Chambers later removed the sign, saying he would replace it with one that had no cursing. He said, “It was really just that the vulgarity in that sign, and that seems to bring it out for people … I didn’t want the other folks there to take the heat that I’m willing to take.”

The Atlanta Police Department told 11Alive, “Were we to respond to an emergency there, this sign would not stop us from lawfully doing our job.”

These are the type of scum that would curse the police out, call them “racists,” and then beg for them to help out the second that things get dangerous. These liberal idiots are complete hypocrites who wouldn’t last a day on their own, without the safety that our police officers provide us with.

The owner claims that he wants a space that’s “just a little different,” and uses typical social justice warrior language to justify his ridiculous policy. He told NBC News 11 Alive:

We wanted one space that was just a little different; it’s not an aggressive hetero, jock space that’s dominated by cops and soldiers.

It’s a place where you’re safe from that…and we don’t want to make police stronger so that they can hurt people more efficiently.

It’s not a personal thing, it’s you put a uniform on and quite honestly I view that as an occupying enemy army when you put that uniform on.

Many conservatives have complained that the gym is unjustly discriminating against the very police officers which keep them safe. If the tables were turned, and a conservative gym owner banned Hillary voters, how well do you think it would go over?

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