WATCH: Liberal Heads EXPLODE After Seeing What 7 Word Sign This Church Just Hung Up (VIDEO)

Liberals have long hated Judeo-Christian culture, because it essentially represents everything they hate—morality, honesty, traditionalism, and self-respect. After a Christian pastor just put up a sign outside his church however, liberal hate for Christian culture has just grown to a whole new level.

It’s no secret that Christians are under attack in this country. Thanks to Chief Traitor in Staff Obama, Christians are now persecuted for simple things such as refusing to pay for abortions, not wanting to bake cakes for gay marriages, and even saying “Merry Christmas” in public.

Thankfully, President Trump has begun to take back our culture and make Christianity normal again, but this hasn’t been without resistance. We’ve seen dozens of white, Trump-voting Christians murdered in cold blood thanks to the likes of Stephen Paddock and the Texas Church Shooter, but one pastor has a solution.

After noticing how severely Christians are under attack, he decided to hang up a sign outside of his Church…and it’s causing liberals’ heads to explode all across the nation. To make matters even funnier, the church is in New York, which is literally one of the most liberal states in the US—but this pastor doesn’t give a damn.

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When Pastor Ronald Russell heard about the shootings taking place against Christians, he put a sign out in front of his church to say the following: “We are not a gun free zone.” While conservatives understand that it takes a good guy with a gun to kill a bad guy with a gun, liberals have gone into a frenzy.

Mad World News reports:

When Pastor Ronald Russell changed the Lighthouse Mexico Church of God’s sign to read, “We say it again — We are not a gun free zone,” ignorant liberals expectedly refuted the politically-incorrect sign.

However, Russell wasn’t about to back down. In an interview with Fox NewsRussell doubled down on his message, causing liberal heads to explode by reminding viewers that it “takes a good guy with a gun” to defend his flock from any wolves who’d seek to slaughter them.

Russell gave a response worthy of standing ovation, reiterating that a mass shooting like that of the recent Texas church massacre in Sutherland Springs will “never happen in our church” because he has a congregation that’s armed to the teeth and ready for anyone with malicious intent.

“So, why did you decide to do this?” the reporter asked, referring to the wording on the sign.

“To send a strong message that it’s not going to happen in our church,” Pastor Russell replied. “I have like 40 kids and they’re very valuable to us and to have someone think they’re going to come in and shoot the place up, that’s not going to happen.”

Russell explained that at his church, which is located in Oswego County, proudly protects citizens’ right to bear arms and urges them to utilize their constitutional liberty during services.

Despite how liberals may twist the language of the bible, Christianity does recommend physically arming yourself and protecting your family. Jesus’ advice to turn the other cheek was meant for day to day interactions, amongst citizens—not psychopaths with guns trying to murder men, women, and children.

Luke 11:21 says that “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe,” and that’s exactly what Pastor Ronald Russell intends for his church goers to do. When half of the men and women in a church are armed with concealed carries, there’s no way a shooter can gun them all down. It just won’t happen.

If you stand behind Pastor Ronald Russell and believe that the right to bear arms is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT, please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless.

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