WATCH: Liberals LOVE Trump’s Tax Plan…When Told it’s Bernie Sanders’ Plan (VIDEO)

liberals love trump tax plan

Many political pundits have noted the stupidity of college students in recent days, after years of liberal brainwashing and Marxist philosophy has left many of them incapable of formulating a unique opinion. It should come as no surprise, then, that when asked to support Trump’s tax plan, under the guise of calling it Bernie’s tax plan, liberals showered it in praise.

Campus Reform, a popular news site for college campuses, just released a brilliant video exposing the hypocrisy of liberals. When President Trump first released his proposal for comprehensive tax reform, it was immediately shot down by leftists without a second thought.

What would happen however, if those same Democrat opponents were convinced that the same tax plan wasn’t being proposed by President Trump, but rather by the messiah of the left—Bernie Sanders? In this video, a reporter from Campus Reform did just that.

To find out, we headed to George Washington University to ask students their opinions on Trump’s new tax plan. WIthout much explanation, the students immediately made clear their distaste for the plan.

“It’s not the most efficient, nor beneficial to the general populus,” said one student when asked her opinion of Trump’s plan.

“It’s better for the upper class than anyone else,” added another.

After watching student after student express their disapproval of the plan, we then asked those same students what they thought of Senator Bernie Sanders’ new tax plan.

Immediately, they expressed excitement and support after hearing the details of the plan.

The only problem for them? There was no tax plan for Senator Sanders. The plan they loved was actually President Trump’s.

“What were your thoughts on Trump’s tax plan?” the reporter asked a number of students. “It’s better for the upper class than anyone else,” one student said. “Pretty negative,” another student added. Then, when they were told to comment on the very same plan, but told it was proposed by Bernie Sanders, they had a different tale to tell.

“So Bernie Sanders came out with his plan…we’re getting opinions,” the reporter said. He then went on to explain President Trump’s tax plan to the liberal students, and they showered it in praise. “I was a social worker, so I understand how important tax credits like that are,” one said.

  • “I think that’s great.”
  • “I think that’s definitely something that we should be doing.”
  • “Way more positive.”
  • “I agree with that.”
  • “Definitely think that’s a positive.”
  • “I feel very positively about that.”
  • “Any way we can help small businesses work and thrive, I think that would be great for our country.”
  • “It’s definitely a good plan, a popular plan, that can help everyone.”

Then, the reporter drops the bomb. “What if I told you that this was actually President Donald Trump’s tax plan, and not Bernie’s?” he asks. The students are immediately shocked, not knowing what to say. Some of them comment, but many are at a loss for words. For the full video watch down below:

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