WATCH: Minor Who Anthony Weiner Sexted Breaks Her Silence – Look What Disgusting Things He Said to Her

anthony weiner sexting

Numerous high level democrats have been involved in sexual scandals over the past year, but perhaps one of the worst, if not the worst, was the infamous case of Anthony Weiner.

The former New York representative became embroiled in a massive media firestorm after it was discovered that he’d sent inappropriate pictures to an underage girl. This, of course, led to the subsequent destruction of his career, but many have been oddly suspicious over the lack of noise on the victim’s part.

Well, she’s finally broken her silence, and what she has to say is absolutely disgusting. Apparently these democrats don’t just stop at embezzling money from charity funds or promoting ghetto culture by race baiting every single time they get the chance, no—they also engage in “disgusting” exchanges of pictures.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

The girl commented that she was “disgusted” by that point and stated that that moment was part of the impetus for her coming forward.

The girl was aware that Hillary Clinton was running for president in 2016 and stated that she, “wanted to see if Anthony was still up to the same antics.”

She sent him private messages on Twitter claiming to be a huge fan and Weiner INSTANTLY was into the attention and responded within MINUTES. He called her attractive and said, “you are kinda gorgeous,” and, “your body is pretty insane.” Many of the messages that Weiner sent are too crude and raunchy to repeat in print.

This is the type of behavior that we’ve come to expect from our top level Democrats. These sick sexual fiends will stop at nothing to enforce their twisted fantasies onto underage children—thank God Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected, or she’d be writing this a guy an exoneration!

The New York Post also adds that Weiner asked the teenager to undress one day via Skype, which eventually led to her spilling the beans about Weiner’s scandalous affair:

The teen also says that one day, over Skype, Weiner asked her to undress. Inside Edition isn’t letting on yet whether the teen says if she complied.

The 15-year-old North Carolinian eventually blabbed about the exchanges with a tabloid news site, prompting a federal investigation.

At one point, the FBI subpoenaed all of her electronic devices, she said.

And when the FBI examined the lewd, underage interactions on Weiner’s laptop, it also found a cache of emails from Abedin to Clinton — reopening the closed investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state.

While the girl has come out and expressed her disgust towards Weiner, the entire video will not be available until Monday the 11th. Below you can watch a teaser trailer, however, in which the girl says some shocking things about the former American politician.

Thankfully, Trump’s administration is working day and night to bring Weiner and his corrupt crony friends to justice. It’s incredible that Anthony Weiner can sexually harass an underage woman, and yet there’s barely any coverage of it.

Yet, the second that Ivanka wears high heels or Donald Trump says that we should deport illegal immigrants, the media goes into a feeding frenzy for the next six months! The hypocrisy is incredible, but hopefully this brave girl’s words will shed some light on the under-reported Weiner scandal.

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