Watch MSNBC host imply that the term “hard worker” is racist because slavery exists


Maybe MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry is a nice woman, but the things she believes make me want to despise her more than MSNBC despises decent ratings.

In 2013 this looney toon shared that children shouldn’t belong to their families and parents, they should be part of some liberal Borg collective where everyone gets to have ownership (until it’s time to change a diaper).

Now the label “hard worker” is racist.

Are you kidding me??? MSNBC says the term ‘hard worker’ is offensive because it demeans slaves….

Posted by Washington Free Beacon on Monday, October 26, 2015

In fairness that she absolutely doesn’t deserve, I understand what she is TRYING to say…but her point is an idiotic one because hard work takes many forms and is a relative term because not all work is equal. To say Paul Ryan is a hard worker doesn’t minimize slavery or a single mom working two jobs anymore than those things make it wrong to say Paul Ryan is a hard worker at what he does.

Perry’s absolutism is not only wrong-headed, but it is its own form of bigotry as well.

h/t The Washington Free Beacon

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