Watch Nancy ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi Put Democrats to Sleep With Her DACA Speech (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi

The power of Pelosi compels you…to sleep.

On Wednesday, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took to the floor of the House to argue for the inclusion of a DACA solution with the latest federal funding agreement to avoid a government shutdown. Even though Pelosi herself was involved with the behind-the-scenes negotiations on the agreement with House Republicans, she decided to complain about the lack of a DACA fix, in front of cameras.

Pelosi has taken heat from immigrant groups for her failure to solve the DACA mess. She was even confronted by activists last year for failing to address the issue with legislation and doing nothing more than grandstanding. Watch this:

Even though she was thoroughly embarrassed, Pelosi is back to her grandstanding ways, trying to appear as if she is fighting for the Dreamers, even though she failed to do anything about it behind the scenes.

When she began a marathon speech on behalf of Dreamers, she tried desperately to prove to her fellow Democrats that she had the fight and stamina to still lead them. Her speech, which set a modern record for length, was filled with the reading of letters from Dreamers who want to be Americans, but are held back by the current system.

Some of her colleagues were not impressed with her efforts. The Daily Caller reports.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi delivered a snooze-inducing filibuster on the House floor Wednesday ahead of a looming government shutdown.

Unfortunately for the San Francisco Democrat, her speech turned out to be more Valium than valiant, as fellow California Democrat Doris Matsui was caught falling asleep not once, but twice during Pelosi’s ramblings.

Matsui’s first bout of shut-eye came as Pelosi talked about a University of Cincinnati graduate seeking to become an accountant.

While it only lasted for about 10 seconds, Matsui caught a longer nap just over a minute later.

“In high school, I fell in love with computers and the internet, spending my senior year creating an online newspaper for my school,” Pelosi read, as Matsui’s head drifted off to her left shoulder.

Here is the video. It’s short, so you won’t fall asleep.

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