WATCH: New Border Wall Construction Footage Revealed (VIDEO)

border wall prototype construction

Millions of Americans elected President Donald Trump to be President of the United States, under the promise that he would build a great border wall. The liberal traitors in this country have claimed there’s no way it’s going to happen, but unfortunately for them…it’s happening.

Illegal immigration was one of the biggest issues in the election of 2016, so when President Trump promised us that he would build a southern border wall, he won nationalist support by a landslide. GOP traitors and dopey Democrats have tried to stop him every step of the way, but lo and behold, he’s done it.

Hillary Clinton tried to stop him, by arguing that we should be “tolerant” of these illegal immigrants who came here and abuse our system. Paul Ryan tried to stop him, by calling it racist and xenophobic, but it didn’t work. The media has even put their full force against him, yet once again, we’ve learned that you truly can’t stump the Trump.

Eight wall prototypes have just begun construction, much to the chagrin of liberals—and they’re glorious. Photos released by the Customs and Border Protection Agency show several different construction projects currently underway in Southern California.

trump border wall construction prototypes begin

Last month, Trump and his administration hand-picked six companies to construct the wall prototypes, with four being made out of concrete and the other four being constructed with alternative materials. The best of the eight prototypes will be chosen, and will be used to model the great border wall.

Info Wars reports:

Mock-ups of the proposed border wall expected to provide a physical barrier between the United States and Mexico are currently being built in San Diego.

Photos released on the Customs and Border Protection Twitter account Wednesday show various construction projects are underway since last Tuesday in Southern California near Tijuana, Mexico.

The Trump administration selected six companies last month to craft eight wall prototypes, four of which will be built using concrete, and four others which will be constructed with “alternate or ‘other materials.’”

“Caddell Construction Company, Fisher Sand & Gravel Company, Texas Sterling Construction Company, and W.G. Yates and Sons Construction Company will each receive up to $300 million to build a solid concrete wall prototype,” reports the Washington Examiner.

According to a Customs and Border Patrol memo, the wall will reach up to 30 feet high and will likely “evolve to meet the US Border Patrol’s requirements.” President Trump has toyed with the idea of putting solar panels on the wall to be more energy efficient, but it’s uncertain whether or not this will be done yet.

He does have a $1.6 billion dollar budget, approved by the House Appropriations Committee however, so a high-tech wall may not be out of the question. He’s also received another $10 billion, approved for the border security bill on Wednesday.

While California’s attorney general has claimed that the wall infringes on the state’s “natural resources” and “economic interests” the construction has gone on. Many Americans find it ironic that California, the same state which refuses to cooperate with ICE to deport illegal immigrants, is now complaining that we’re building a border wall.

According to official reports, the prototypes will be completed within 30 days. Millions of Americans have rejoiced at what liberals said was impossible—they fought us in the media, they fought us in the poll booths, and they fought us in congress, but somehow, President Trump found a way to keep his promises.

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