Watch NYC Bombing in Chelsea As it actually Happened!

An explosion rocked Manhattan on Saturday night, injuring at least 29 people in what authorities described as a “deliberate, criminal act,” while at the same time investigators mentioned their was no evidence of a “terror connection.” I was out last night; when I got home; first thing I did was turn on the T.V. I was shocked but maybe not so much that Chelsea district of  NYC had been bombed not just once but twice and within the same area.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and other city officials said investigators had ruled out a gas leak as the cause of the blast, but they stopped short of calling it a bombing and declined to specify what they believed may have triggered the explosion. CNN reported early in the investigation that authorities suspected an improvised explosive device, or IED, and Donald Trump was the only one to call it what it was. Obvious to everyone it was a bomb.

Neha Jain, 24, who lives in the neighborhood, said she was sitting at home watching a movie when she heard a huge boom and everything shook. “Pictures on my wall fell, the window curtain came flying as if there was a big gush of wind,” she told Reuters. “Then we could smell smoke. We went downstairs to see what happened, and firemen immediately told us to go back.”


Police said a sweep of the neighborhood following the blast had turned up a possible “secondary device” four blocks away consisting of a pressure cooker with wires attached to it and connected to a cell phone.

CNN, citing law enforcement sources, reported that a piece of paper with writing on it was found nearby.

Residents living nearby were advised to stay away from windows facing the street as a precaution, and the item was later safely moved to a police firing range for further examination, officer Christopher Pisano said.


Pressure cookers packed with explosives and detonated with timing devices were used by two Massachusetts brothers in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people and wounded more than 260.

The latest blast came less than a week after law enforcement agencies around the country were on heightened alert for the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, airline-hijacking attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.


Remaining vague about the exact nature of the explosion in Chelsea, De Blasio said early indications were that it was “an intentional act.” He added that the site of the blast, outside on a major thoroughfare in the fashionable lower West Side Manhattan neighborhood, was being treated as a crime scene. An ‘INTENTIONAL ACT?” That’s about what you will hear from this politically correct administration which includes Hillary Clinton.

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