WATCH: Paul Harvey gives the rest of the story of the Declaration of Independence

Editor note 7-5-16: This was supposed to show up on Facebook feeds on July 3, but Facebook shut down our page for a couple of days. As of the morning of July 5th our page was “republished.”

I debated posting it to Facebook after the fact given how hollow it might seem now that Hillary isn’t facing justice for her blatantly illegal email practices, but the truth is remembering what our founders did and the courage they showed is more important than ever.

Silence is consent, and we DO NOT CONSENT with what the government is doing to what the brave Americans who came before us have built.

As Harvey says, knowing this truly gives “a whole new dimension” of reverence and appreciation for our founding fathers when they signed that great and sacred document.

A tiny handful, relatively speaking, went on to be United States leaders and prosperous. The majority of them suffered great hardship. A lot of them literally died for this cause.

They didn’t demand a safe space free from consequence.

They didn’t demand a fair share of the wealth after impoverishing themselves to fight and defeat England in the Revolutionary War.

They’re not a bunch of crusty old white men who just wanted to skip out on paying taxes.

They were by no means perfect, but they were selfless and they were courageous, and they used both to build a country and world that ushered in a golden age of human history.

No matter how tired and frustrated we become with the political realities of the world today, we face much better odds than they did. We owe it to them to never quit fighting to preserve the legacy they provided with their lives.

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