WATCH: Police Stop Suspect Over A Stolen Phone – Bodycam Video Caught The Deadly Shootout

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For all of the hate that police get nowadays, you would think that people would appreciate them for risking their lives day in and day out.

All that we ever hear about from the leftist controlled media are supposedly racist cops, shooting innocent minorities who did “absolutely nothing,” according to parents. More often than not, this turns out to be completely untrue.

Take for example the popular case of Trayvon Martin. In 2012 his story was massively politicized and turned into a race-baiting spectacle by Barrack Obama and his legion of liberal reporters—turns out that 90% of what CNN reported was absolutely false.

The pictures they used of Trayvon were when he was a child. Had they used modern pictures, they would have depicted a thuggish looking black adult male with gang related tattoos strewn across his body. CNN also ignored the fact that Trayvon had been texting his girlfriend earlier, telling her about plans to rob a house.

Despite this, numerous brain dead liberals still believe that police are evil racists who never put their life on the line. Well, we’ve got news for them—in this video below, you’ll see an innocent police officer fighting for his life after an immigrant does the unthinkable to him.

The Tribunist reports:

Heart-pounding bodycam footage was released on Friday that showed two officers handling a standoff situation. As a shootout ensues, one officer is injured, and the suspect is left dead from a headshot. The bodycam footage is just another reminder to civilians and law enforcement alike how quickly a situation can go from mundane to deadly.

Las Vegas Officer Richard Nelson, 33, and his partner, who has yet to be named, approached Miguel Salas’ vehicle after he was stopped over a possible stolen cell phone, according to The Daily Mail.

The footage shows Salas arguing with the two officers for about two minutes. The officers asked Salas to get out of his vehicle multiple times, and at one point, Nelson tried to open the door of the 25-year-old’s vehicle, only to have the suspect slam the door shut again.

As tension on both sides continues to rise, Salas can be seen moving around in his vehicle acting fidgety. Nelson calls for backup as he and his partner are concerned with Salas’ increasingly erratic behavior.

Salas then pulls out a .40 handgun that he was hiding inside his vehicle and begins to shoot at the two Las Vegas police officers. Nelson and his partner return fire, hitting Salas in the head and killing him instantly.

The truth is that police are out on the streets risking their lives to make our country a safer place. Every single time they pull someone over, they don’t know what will happen; it could be a pleasant, polite civilian, or it could be a hardened drug lord smuggling 30 pounds of cocaine across the border.

This is the type of behavior that police officers risk encountering on a daily basis—this man is lucky to be alive. Of course, CNN and MSNBC will likely tell a different story; something to the tune of an innocent man being harassed by police officers, who end up fatally shooting him.

If you feel the way that we do, then please take a moment to share this article and show your support for our police. Thank you and God bless.

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