WATCH: Portland Police Crush Criminal Protesters

A return to law and order in the United States seems to be taking shape as rioters and domestic terrorists begin to pay the price for their criminal actions.

Onlookers cheered and flashed thumbs up signs as police officers in riot gear swarmed anarchists attempting to block public transit in downtown Portland.

Police arrested 14 people during rolling, guerilla-style ‘protests’ across the city conducted by mostly Millennials in black clothing and masks.

Fox 12 Oregon reported, “Earlier Wednesday, protesters repeatedly disrupted the Portland City Council meeting. Mayor Ted Wheeler agreed to meet with protesters outside City Hall after the meeting.”

“The mayor took heated questions from protesters for around 30 minutes at Terry Schrunk Plaza in a gathering that grew contentious as it went along.”

‘Protesters’ have become accustomed to carrying out criminal acts and behaving like terrorists without stiff repercussions – if any – during the Obama years, but President Trump’s administration marks the dawn of a new era and a crackdown on chaos.

Over 230 people were arrested during Inauguration weekend, and the majority now face stiff penalties of up to 10 years in prison and $25,000 fines for felony rioting.

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