WATCH: Professor Says Antifa Has “The Right” to Beat Trump Voters – Tucker Carlson UNLOADS Fire and Fury

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Antifa, the far left terrorist group funded by George Soros, has been terrorizing the streets of this country for over a year now. While many leftists defend them, and assert that they have the moral high ground, this one professor learned too late that you can’t get away with that on Tucker Carlson.

Antifa, short for “anti-fascist,” is a Marxist group made up of predominantly college-aged men and women. Most of them subscribe to the “patriarchal oppression,” theory and believe that white men are responsible for everything wrong in the world.

They believe that white men should be forced to pay reparations for slavery that happened over 100 years ago, and some of the more extreme ones have even been caught advocating for white genocide—yet through some astonishing feat of mental acrobatics, they believe that conservatives are the Nazis.

While this may seem confusing to many Americans, when you look at the root of this movement, it becomes much more clear. The ideology that fuels the hatred behind Antifa is pushed by liberal college professors, such as Mike Isaacson, who claim that Antifa has a right to beat other people who disagree with them.

Mike Isaacson is a professor at John Jay College of criminal justice, which has many conservatives worried. This is a man who is teaching our children, and he believes that Antifa “activists” have a right to physically assault people who have certain ideas, who haven’t even committed acts of violence.

As expected, he’s completely unhinged and babbles on about some completely incoherent mess—thankfully, Tucker manages to reign him in a bit, and gets some answers out of him. “Does Richard Spencer have a right to speak in public?” Carlson asks.

“Richard Spencer is a danger to society. When he speaks in public what he’s doing is he’s publicly recruiting people to his very violent movement, his very violent ideology,” the professor responds, completely avoiding Tucker Carlson’s question.

Finally, after much struggle and heartache, Tucker manages to get a straight answer out of him. “So you’re saying that [Antifa rioting] is justified?” he asks. “Yes,” the professor responds. “I believe that people have the right to defend themselves against people who have explicitly stated that they want to eliminate those people from society.”

Carlson points out that he very obviously blurs the line between violence and words, which is a tell tale tactic of a radical leftist. They all want to equate “mean words,” to “physical violence,” because this then gives them the moral high ground in saying that they’re defending themselves.

The truth is that they’re not defending themselves, however—they’re proactively using violence to shut down people who they disagree with. They’re thugs, plain and simple, and many Americans believe that this so called “professor,” should be fired.

What are your thoughts? Would you feel comfortable sending your children to this college professor’s criminal justice class? Do you think that the college system is broken beyond repair, and has been completely infested by liberals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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