WATCH: Racist Thugs Threaten Veteran’s Wife – IMMEDIATELY Regret it After What He Pulls Out of His Truck!

Every single day, disgusting thugs prey on the innocent, and harm those who have done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, many of these thugs still walk the streets freely thanks to liberal judges…but after these thugs messed with the wrong veteran, I doubt they’ll EVER be causing any trouble ever again.

Thanks to Obama’s constant race-baiting and pandering, we saw a huge increase in the entitlement of our youth. Rather than following the brilliant words of Kennedy, and asking what you can do for your country, they demanded free handouts and squander our hard-earned tax dollars to buy luxury items.

The people of America spoke in 2016 however, and elected Donald Trump as our POTUS. Thankfully, with this patriotic man in office, veterans are starting to get the treatment they deserve. Every day, President Trump has been working tirelessly to restore this country to what it once was…but there’s traitors in the midst.

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Corrupt DNC scumbags like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Brown have worked tirelessly to undermine this country’s great potential…and unfortunately it shows in how these disgusting thugs decided to threaten this veteran’s wife. Rather than showing him the respect he deserves, they sunk to an all time low, and threatened to rape and murder her. Unfortunately for them however, they learned too late that you do NOT talk to a veteran’s wife like that.

These thugs, probably all on welfare thanks to Obama, started acting belligerent and swearing at the veteran. He was just trying to get coffee with his wife after presumably not seeing her while overseas, so he decided to take the high road. Rather than meeting the thugs at their level, he was a bigger man and walked away—but that’s when things got ugly.

Disgusting thugs like this hate it when men of honor take the high road, so they started threatening to RAPE and KILL his wife. I’m sorry, but this is a man who FOUGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOMS overseas, and this is how these thugs treat him? Rather than thanking him for his service, they threaten his innocent wife with RAPE and MURDER. This is unacceptable.

The veteran immediately sprung into action, ran into his truck, and grabbed his emergency window hammer. He then proceeded to teach these dumb thugs a lesson by SMASHING their window to pieces, and reeling back to throw another punch at them. Of course, the cowards drove away faster than they threw out insults in the first place, never to be seen again.

This is the type of behavior that our young thugs on welfare think is acceptable. This man was doing NOTHING but minding his own business, trying to get coffee with his wife, when he was confronted and threatened by a group of mindless thugs up to no good. This man probably saw men die overseas for our rights, and this is how he’s treated when he returns?

If you ask me, these thugs need to be HUNTED DOWN and LOCKED UP for the rest of their lives. You do NOT disrespect our veterans like that, and you DO NOT disrespect a veteran’s wife like that! Thankfully these thugs got a smashed window and are probably so scared they’ll never act up again, but even so, they deserve to be locked up.

If you think these THUGS got what they deserved, and if you STAND with this brave veteran, please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless our troops!

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