WATCH: Sean Spicer Gives CNN Reporter Unexpected Response- WH Press-room SPEECHLESS

Sean Spicer

At a White House Press Conference on March 16, 2017 a heated exchange occurred between Sean Spicer, Press Secretary and a CNN reporter.

The exchange happened during a discussion regarding President Trump’s now infamous Twitter “wiretapping” accusation. The accusation is currently under investigation by Congress.

The conference immediately turned tetchy.

Spicer points out the hypocrisy of the press in covering the scandal and accusing them of trying to “cherry pick” the stories to fit the negative anti-Trump narrative.

“Q    So, Sean, the day before yesterday you said you were extremely confident that the House and Senate Intelligence Committees would ultimately vindicate the President’s allegation that Trump Tower was wiretapped.  As I’m sure you have now seen, the Senate Intelligence Committee has said they see no indications Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance.  That seems to be a pretty blanket statement.  What’s your reaction?

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SEAN SPICER:  Well, I think there’s several things.  It’s interesting to me that, just as a point of interest, that when one entity says one thing that proves — that claims one things, you guys cover it ad nauseam.  When Devin Nunes came out and said, I think it’s very possible — yesterday — it was crickets from you guys.  When Devin Nunes came out and said there was no connection that he saw to Russia — crickets.  When Tom Cotton said the same. You don’t want to cover the stuff –“

Later on Spicer questions the reporter’s “passion.”

“Q    Well, the Senate Intelligence Committee is saying point blank — they say no evidence of surveillance.

SEAN SPICER:  I understand that, Jonathan.  And where was your passion, and where was your concern when they all said that there was no connection to Russia?  Where was it then?  Crickets from you guys.”

The back and forth goes on for several minutes. CNN repeatedly asking similar questions and making assumptions.

Then at minute 4:98 Spicer criticizes CNN for making assumptions.

Spicer states, “you come to some serious conclusions for a guy that has zero intelligence”

Spicer attempts to specify he meant “intelligence clearance” but laughter had already erupted.

Maybe he did mean what he said.

Its clear something was going on during the 2016 election. Asking the federal government to investigate themselves is like asking the fox to investigate the case of the missing chickens.

This is an excellent opportunity for the media to re-assert itself as a truly, reliable fourth “check and balance.” Unfortunately, they have proven themselves reliably blinded by liberal bias.

The media will miss this opportunity, willfully blind.

In the end Sean Spicer is convinced President Trump will be vindicated from the innuendo and false narratives.

Do you support President Trump, do you think he will be vindicated?


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