WATCH: St. Louis Erupts in Civil War As #BLM Thugs Destroy Mayor’s House – Here’s The SICK Reason Why

Black Lives Matter riots

Black Lives Matter, while supposedly a peaceful movement for racial equality, seems to get caught up in a lot of violence. In fact, just recently hundreds of #BLM protesters blocked off a major highway and stormed their mayor’s very own home, all for one sick reason.

What’s disturbing is that the mayor is a Democrat, and generally leans left on social issues. She’s repeatedly expressed her approval of pro-minority policies, favoring handouts and other welfare programs to help “disadvantaged” individuals. In other words, she’s pretty liberal.

Even liberals aren’t safe, however, from the fury of Black Lives Matter. They claim that they’re a movement for peace and equality, but all of the evidence begs to differ—and no matter how hard the liberal media tries to hide it, they can’t hide the truth for long after what just happened in St. Louis.

Conservatives know the truth about many things, and black lives matter is one of them. Every single one of these groups which claims the moral high ground, and asks for “equality,” is usually nothing more than a thin veil for selfishness and the lust for power. These liberals don’t want equality, they’re filled with hatred and they want power.

It should come as no surprise then, that Black Lives Matter thugs were caught rioting after a police officer was acquitted after being charged with fatally shooting a black man in 2011. That’s all it takes for these men and women to completely descend into violence and chaos—and they did just that, as the videos show.

Fox News reports:

ST. LOUIS — Dozens of protesters are facing off with police in riot gear in downtown St. Louis after blocking a bus filled with officers.

The protests come after a judge announced Friday that Jason Stockley, a former St. Louis police officer, was not guilty of first-degree murder in the 2011 death of 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith.

Hundreds of protesters are also marching through city streets. The live pictures in the player above are from FOX 2 NOW in St. Louis. Most of the time, there is only helicopter audio.

A smaller group stood in front of a city bus filled with officers in riot gear, blocking it from moving forward. The bus backed up and protesters again tried to stop it, with a few throwing water bottles. The bus moved less than a block before police in riot gear began pushing back the crowd.

Stockley shot 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith a total of five times, after a high speed car chase. While many conservatives believe that this was completely justified, as the thug posed a threat to the police officer’s life, the prosecution argued that Officer Stockley planted a gun in Smith’s car after he shot him.

Police attempted to quell the violent riots, but were quickly met with hatred. Of course, in typical liberal fashion, they all called the police “racists,” and oppressive, despite the fact that the “peaceful” #BLM activists were caught hurling bricks at police, who were just trying to maintain the peace.

This is the face of liberal “equality,” and it’s not pretty. These scumbags claim that they want racial equality, but if that’s the case then maybe they should stop jumping on police cars and committing violent crimes at record rates. These people must stop holding others accountable for their own actions—then, and only then, can there be equality.

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