WATCH: Store owner stops anti-Trump vandals, proves the second amendment is needed to protect the first

HAHAHA! Sometimes schadenfreude is a wonderful thing. A group of four people vandalize a Trump sign at a store (apparently) and then get shocked when the store owner, Taren Meacham, refuses to put up with it.

This story doesn’t paint a pretty picture of Meacham (since he’s pro-Trump that’s no surprise), but in all honesty it sounds like the vandals are trying to justify themselves and their criminal behavior by acting like THEY are the victims in all of this. Listening to their tone you’ll hear it’s quite whiny. Which is typical of liberals who think there should be no consequences for their actions.

The end of the piece reveals Meacham has had to deal with vandalism before, as if that’s irrelevant. For all he knew these were the same a-holes that messed with him before.

Was this an overreaction? Yeah, probably. I wouldn’t react the way Meacham did, but it should be lost on nobody that these vandals (who could easily be a metaphor for the government) were a lot less proud of what they did when they saw an armed citizen lay down the hammer on their shenanigans.

That Meacham wasn’t arrested tells you all you really need to know here.

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