WATCH: Students Get EPIC REVENGE After Liberal Teacher Bans Pro-Trump #MAGA Shirts in Class (VIDEO)

When two high school students wore pro-Trump t-shirts to class, a liberal Georgia math teacher saw it as the perfect opportunity to make an example out of them. What she didn’t realize however, is that the students were about to devise a payback of their own.

After calling President Donald Trump a neo-Nazi, and accusing his “Make America Great Again” of being a neo-Nazi slogan, the far left teacher demanded that her students turn their shirts inside out. She compared the students’ shirts to “wearing a swastika,” and claimed that they had no right to wear them in her class.

The incident took place at a River Ridge High School in Cherokee County, and although the teacher has not been named by high school administration, Turning Point News revealed her to be Lyn Orletsky after digging up actual footage one of the students recorded in class.

“Just like you cannot wear a swastika to school…you cannot wear Make America Great Again like that,” Orletsky said to her students. “Please go. Please go, at least for this class. I don’t care what they do in other classes, but in my class…”

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She was immediately cut off by a student who pointed out her hypocrisy. “Wait so both of them have to flip their shirts inside out, because it says Trump on the top?” he asks. “They’ve got to flip their shirts inside out, because it’s got Trump on it?”

MUST WATCH! Full Story at River Ridge High School Teacher, Allegedly Lyn Orletsky, Compares Trump Shirt To A "Swastika" & Tells Student To Take It Off Or Leave Class! WATCH! #BigGovSucks

Posted by Turning Point News on Saturday, September 2, 2017

Thankfully, once the footage got out, students became furious with their liberal teacher’s ridiculous demands—so they devised a sneaky little payback of their own. Teachers are often aware of the newest technological trends, so when students decided to take matters into their own hands, she barely stood a chance.

Nowadays, students use a platform called Rate My Teachers to rate, review, and recommend various teachers across the United States. According to a number of college students, it’s largely responsible for who’s classes they choose to take—a teacher with three stars is considered bad, and anything less is a complete no-go.

lyn orletsky teacher trump

So when the students flooded the site with one star reviews, they effectively “banned” her class. After looking up her name on Rate My Teachers, and looking at the large swathe of abysmal reviews urging fellow students to avoid her at all costs, there’s no way that a single student is going to willingly take her class anymore.

lyn orletsky teacher trump

lyn orletsky teacher trump

That’s the least of her problems, however—after reporting her to the school board, parents demanded that she be fired immediately. According to Daily Mail, she didn’t even have to wait until they made their final decision, due to the barrage of hate mail from First Amendment supporting parents, calling her out.

lyn orletsky trump

“After attacks on my character and threats on my life, I have made the decision to resign from my teaching position at River Ridge High School,” the teacher said in a recent release. Her superiors condemned the incident as well, telling parents that wearing the pro-Trump t-shirts “are not a violation of School District Dress Code.”

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