[WATCH] The Massive Welfare Abuse In America

When welfare started it was to be a helping hand for folks that needed help to get back on their feet. Let’s take a look at welfare abuse and what the original welfare system has now become. As a matter or record, in Baltimore, the birthrate was three times higher on average than other cities in 1990. Recent reports say that in the City of Baltimore, a resident on welfare can receive up to $31,000 per year in benefits. Welfare has become a way of life for many. In some cases we have third and fourth generation welfare recipients who rely on the system for their needs, rather than taking the initiative to change the trajectory of their lives and the lives of their children.

Suckling off the government teet but refuses to look for work.


I have watched people at the community food banks, where they have rows of fruits and vegetables that they hand out to the needy by the bagfuls. People stand in line, give their name (or any name) only, and use a wagon to haul all the free items to their cars. Their cars,for the most part, are not junkers, are rarely more than a few years old.

I have seen the food unloaded into newer vehicles, even large, costly SUVs. When I consider the newness of the vehicles that must still have payments due every month, licensing fees, and insurance, it seems that these people are just cheating the welfare system to get free food from the government. Federal government, local governments, and community organizers would be helping these people much more by handing out bus tickets so they could look for work, which would boost their self esteem and pride.

Years ago I had a job making deliveries to different places throughout my county. While making a delivery to the county jail the head jailer and I were unloading the truck and I noticed that there was a young lady working in the office. I asked the jailer who she was. He told me that she was having hard times and needed welfare assistance for a short time until she could get back on to her feet, but she refused to accept assistance without being able to work for it so she volunteered at the jail four hours a day. This kind of behavior and personal responsibility was commonplace years ago, but not so now. I remember when people would not want a handout without doing something for it. Those days seem to be long in the past and likelihood of that personal responsibility has little chance of returning without parents taking the initiative to show their children what personal responsibility is, by their own actions.

Let’s compare those who want to work for their money to those who freeload on welfare benefits and claim it is owed to them. These freeloaders get cash and spend it on whatever they choose to spend it on, plus up to $900 per month for rent, plus a food card that can be worth many hundreds of dollars. Reports are all over the internet about people like this who are using their EBT cards at casinos, on trips in and outside the country, and many vacation resort areas. I have seen EBT cards being used for the purchase of expensive steak and lobster tails. I remember when needy families stood in line at public welfare outlets to receive one sack of flour, one tub of butter, one sack of beans, a block of cheese, and powdered milk. Many trade their food cards for cash from friends who are not on the welfare rolls. One man I’ve seen uses his EBT card at a small market in the country that allows him to fraudulently buy beer with it. The freeloaders get all these things without having to work eight hours a day for them.

[VIDEO] Welfare given out to anybody. Even if they don’t have proof of who there are.


I know of a person that has two children and her EBT card is recharged each month to $800. According to average food costs for a family of three, there is no way that she needs that amount of money each month for one adult and two small children. As proof of this, the woman gives her card to another person toward the end of the month to spend the remaining amount so that the card is not lowered at the next recharge to what she really needs. All this is illegal, of course, but the government has not put systems in place to prevent the abuse.

Our clinics and emergency rooms are overwhelmed with people day and night who are taking advantage of the system. Emergency rooms are mandated to treat all emergency room patients, whether or not the patient has the ability to pay. Many of these visitors do have funds, but since the rule is there, they choose to take full advantage of it. The citizens with health insurance that must go to the emergency facilities wait in line for many people who do not actually have an emergency. These freeloaders know the ER must accept them, with cold symptoms, tummy aches, or minor scrapes. These people go there instead of the doctor’s office because doctors’ offices charge fees prior to seeing them.

It appears a few of the states are trying to institute policies that will lower the welfare fraud in this country. One great move is to require all welfare recipients to take a drug test prior to getting welfare monies. Not surprisingly, the civil rights advocates are outraged. Legislation in Kansas was introduced to provide financial payment to women on welfare if they used the contraceptive Norplant. Welfare recipients would receive a $500 payment for this. However the ACLU criticized this as being discriminatory. Wikipedia states that within two years of Norplant’s FDA approval, legislators in thirteen U.S. states had proposed nearly two dozen bills offering incentives for, or requiring use of Norplant by welfare mothers. Again critics and civil rights advocates were outraged and went about seeing that this didn’t happen. None of these proposals passed!

Illegal immigration is a giant part of the problem and must be dealt with as well. In this video below, an illegal immigrant who has 6 children, has lived off the American tax payer for over 20 years.


This is not only disgusting, it's infuriating. Living off the taxpayer for over 20 years, no job and teaching her all her children this is acceptable. AND, this is just ONE example of the millions out there doing the same…If Hillary Clinton get's elected, expect MUCH more 'undocumented democrats' just like this.Like >> Fb.com/RetainYourFreedom

Posted by Silence is Consent on Friday, March 25, 2016

It is important to remember that one political party (The Democrats) needs the welfare folks in order to keep their voting blocks intact. We need a “family-cap” on welfare benefits. Wouldn’t it be so much better if we were teaching them to fish instead of handing food out to them and demanding their vote to keep the goodies coming?

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