Watch these Trump haters endorse his tax plan when they think it’s Hillary’s


Even though I have no issues with his tax plan I’m not a Donald Trump supporter, but that’s because I’ve weighed him against the other candidates and made my decision that he’s not among my top picks.

In other words, I’ve put some thought into it, and I’m also open to changing my mind later given new information.

Meanwhile, these people took a big liberal lofo deuce all over Trump and then went on to support his policies when they thought they were Hillary Clinton’s. 

On election years there should be a national census conducted on political intelligence. Everyone who fails should receive a letter telling them one of three things, and I’m open to any of them.

1. Don’t forget to vote on Election Day.
2. Election Day is on Wednesdays now.
3. Polling places have been abolished and the NSA now records our votes by sending positive thoughts about your candidate of choice.

Admittedly, the third one seems too far fetched since liberals are incapable of any real thought at all, based on this video.

Anyway, if we implement my plan we can start with these goofballs…

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