Watch this student argue for “free” college while demonstrating how cheap her education already has been…


This video ^ is 9 minutes long (that’s just a screenshot, you can see the real thing at the bottom of the post). If you can’t handle 9 minutes of stupidity and abject ignorance then don’t watch.

I got to the 4 minute mark (having not realized how long the video really was) and literally blurted out loud “oh my gosh, this goes on for five more minutes!?!”

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It did, and I endured…with an alcoholic beverage in my hand…

For his part, Cavuto’s patience with this girl is probably second only to God’s for these 9-minutes of existence.

(at the 5:25 mark) Keely, you sound very smart, you know whats going on…

Cavuto is being nice….but yeah, in 2008 Barack Obama sounded like an American…to idiots.

(at the 6:35 mark) They’ve done studies on this Keely, I don’t want to get boring here, but even if you were to take the one percent and take all of their money, tax it 100%, you know that couldn’t keep Medicare, just Medicare, in this country going for 3 years. Did you know that?

After some stalling Keely responds in the only way every good liberal who treats their ideology like religion would respond…

(at the 7:10 mark) I don’t believe that.

Cavuto is right, it’s not a matter of opinion, and unlike things like global warming it’s not up for debate. Yet, this child doesn’t “believe that.” It’s simple mathematics, which Cavuto goes on to school this child about it by giving her actual numbers going into the end of the video.

Canceling the loan is basically a sort of way to say “I want my money back.” If this is the caliber of intellect colleges produce then maybe they actually deserve it. Why should they pay for a service they’re not actually getting?

If I was this girl I would be horrified to know that I immortalized my ignorance in such a way…people who make sex tapes that get released would be (and will be) less embarrassed. I’m not saying that to be mean, I’m being completely sincere. This movement is made up of a bunch of entitled, narcissistic, and disgustingly ignorant children who think obligations and promises are meaningless and the life you earned for your self doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to Keely and her greedy friends.

I understand these student’s frustrations. College practically doubled since I first entered it about 15 years ago, and there’s no good reason for it. Service has only gotten worse. The curriculum has become more and more useless relative to practical application in the real world, standards for admitting and keeping students are meaningless, and the power of the degree has been diluted by all of this. Which is why I posted a few days back that a college education is no longer what it’s cracked up to be.

Some of the answers are to 1. Audit these schools the only thing universities waste more than the minds of these kids is their/our money. 2. Bring rigor back to the schools and foster a society where a college degree shouldn’t be a piece of paper everyone is entitled to, and 3. We have to get back to understanding that higher education isn’t a business, much less the “big business” (a la global warming) that it has become.

None of these things will happen. I know that. In a just world, under current circumstances, the entire concept of higher learning as we currently know it is going to implode on itself at some point. In the aftermath we’ll still have universities, but there will be other choices. There will something better, more agile, and economical for people who don’t have the time to waste or the money to burn. I don’t know what THAT will look like, but it has to come if anyone is serious about preserving intellectual rigor in education in America. Cheapening college to the point of free wont do it.

Canceling their debt (which also wont happen…in a sane world), would be teaching them the wrong think about making promises and upholding obligation. More importantly, it wouldn’t provide the freedom little Keely thinks it will. It will only enslave her more to feeling and being tied to what appears to be an already infantilizing sense of entitlement. That doesn’t do much for a person, but it does cripple their will to live life to it’s fullest potential. Maybe it’s just me, but that kind of seems like the reverse effect of what higher education should be.

If my rundown of the video wasn’t enough of an exercise in masochism check out this child (mentally, I mean) for yourself.

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