Watch this veteran go off on the military decaying from the inside…Thanks Obama!

Having not served myself, this man’s experience and passion says it all. The million dollar question is: What can be done about it?

The inward decay of the militaryRANT. Active duty military members can’t say this or they risk getting into trouble, so I’ll say it for them because I will use this platform to bring to light the issues our men and women face that are doing their best to train and lead while having their hands tied behind their backs. I’m ashamed for what our military is turning into. The decaying of the military from the “give everyone a trophy” leaders that are fucking everything up, and creating an environment of weakness and softness. IT’S THE MILITARY! WE ARE NOT THE FUCKING BOY SCOUTS! OUR JOB IS TO KILL AND TRAIN SOLDIERS TO KILL.Daniel A. Dailey, this is the exact reason why the Army is losing good soldiers that take with them the combat experience they need to pass down to younger soliders so that the mistakes we made in Iraq and Afganistan won’t be made again.

Posted by John Burk on Thursday, March 31, 2016

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