WATCH: Thug Tries to Rob IHOP – Regrets it After Employee Pulls Out ‘Secret Weapon’ (VIDEO)

Elijah Arnold, an employee at IHOP, was working early one Thursday morning when he saw every cashier’s worst nightmare—an armed burglar, trying to pry open the register. The thug likely thought that a pancake house would be an easy target, but quickly learned otherwise after he saw what secret weapon this waiter had in store for him.

Just two weeks ago, twenty-two year old Elijah Arnold was homeless—after a long downward spiral of drugs took his life to rock bottom, he decided that something had to change. Despite having no home and no money, he managed to get a job working at IHOP, a testament to his willingness to pull himself up by his bootstraps.

I’m sure that Elijah thought that everything would be downhill from here on out, after being given a job at IHOP, but as we’re about to find out it seems that a thug was intent on making Elijah’s life difficult. “I just heard the register popping,” the waiter said—and after going to investigate, what he found was terrifying.

“I stepped out and looked and there he was, pulling the register out and everything. So I just took off, my instinct kicked in, and I took off full speed at him,” Arnold said. This thug, who was trying to pry open the cash register, had likely expected little fight from IHOP employees…but what he didn’t realize is that Arnold was a 3rd degree black belt.

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Most Americans are familiar with what a black belt is: a man who’s spent years studying the martial arts, and has become an expert. What most Americans don’t know however, is that there’s actually levels beyond this, known as degrees.

Arnold was a 3rd degree black belt, meaning that not only did he have all of the expertise, ferociousness, and discipline of a regular black belt, but he’d been training for far longer, and had learned many more secret techniques which senseis only reveal to a select few chosen students.

It should come as no surprise then that he instantly gave this thug the justice that he deserved. Arnold quickly charged the thug and tackled him by the legs, but the thug fought back—and he had a crow bar. After kicking at Arnold and trying to run away, he smacked him in the face with the crowbar…but Arnold didn’t give up.

The thug begged Arnold to let him ago, saying that he needed the money very badly—and although Arnold admitted he was sympathetic to the man’s situation, he decided to do the right thing. After what must’ve felt like hours of struggle, the fight came to a conclusion…and justice was served.

Due to his years of martial arts training, Arnold was able to subdue the man and keep him in a chokehold until police arrived. They apprehended the suspect, and are now investigating an alleged team of thieves that had been working in conjunction with him.

…and while the money saved was certainly a huge reward, Arnold said that the greatest reward came from earning his managers’ respect and praise. “They just congratulated me and said thank you,” he said. “That was the biggest thing I could have, was the thank you from my managers.”

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