WATCH: Veteran Pleads Guilty to Parking Ticket – Patriotic Judge’s Response Leaves Audience in Tears! (VIDEO)


Of all the wars that our veterans have fought in, the Vietnam War was by far one of the most traumatizing. Unfortunately, many of these honest veterans come home with shell shock, amputated limbs, and broken souls—but one veteran’s soul was lifted on this day, after a patriotic judge gave him the best speech of his life.

For eight years under Obama, we saw animosity and hatred for our veterans rise to heights never before seen. Every day, CNN and their crony news allies would talk down on veterans, portraying them as if they were evil incarnate, and comparing them to terrorists. Now with President Trump in office though, things have changed for the better.

In this incident from Providence, Rhode Island, a veteran is in traffic court for a parking ticket he received while getting treatment at the local VA hospital.

The parking situation around the hospital is so bad, veterans are left parking along sidewalk illegally just to get a spot near the hospital.

After the judge heard about the veteran’s plight, and saw the ridiculous size of the fine, he handed down an unexpected result.

Check out the video below to see what happened.

If only all of our judges treated veterans as this one did, with the respect they so richly deserve.

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