WATCH: This Video of Hillary Supporting a BORDER WALL in 2015 is Going VIRAL – Share This IMMEDIATELY!

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One of Donald Trump’s key campaign promises was to build a southern border wall, in order to keep illegal immigrants from storming into our country, bringing drugs and crime with them. Liberals attacked him for being “racist,” but apparently they forgot that Hillary said the same thing just a few years ago.

Every single thing that Donald Trump says is completely twisted by CNN, MSNBC, and the other liberal media outlets. It doesn’t matter if he donates $50 million to help impoverished black children in the ghetto, somehow they’ll say he’s a racist because he doesn’t like Obama.

Their hypocrisy and lunacy knows absolutely no bounds, which has been made abundantly clear by their repeated pushing of the “Trump is a Russian spy,” hoax, despite there being absolutely zero evidence to support this claim.

The liberal media ignores the incredibly gruesome crimes committed by illegal immigrants every single day, because they have an anti-American agenda. They want to flood our country with third world, illiterate, petty criminals, in order to get a larger voter base and attain permanent power.

Thankfully, while the mainstream media has been busy promoting lies, the growing alt-media has been spreading the truth. Take a look at this video that’s been making rounds on the internet, which clearly shows Hillary Clinton expressing her opinion on a border wall.

At some form of publicity conference, a young girl asks her what she would do to secure the southern Mexican border. Hillary replies by saying that she’s in favor of “building a barrier to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.” She follows this up by saying that “we do need to control the borders.”

Hold on, isn’t this exactly what Donald Trump has been trying to do? It is, but the difference is that Donald Trump is a rogue, an outlier, and a rebel. He’s not a part of the corrupt crony system that Hillary’s Bilderberg buddies control, and they hate him for it—that’s why they’re trying to bring him down.

The truth cannot be hidden forever, though, and it seems that the Democratic National Convention is just waking up to this inconvenient truth. Time and time again, they’ve shoved lies down our faces, plastered our TV screens with smear campaigns, and spouted false statistics to support their political agendas.

Hillary Clinton is a liar, a crook, and a thief, and this video proves it. While she continually advocated for stronger border control, mass deportation of illegal immigrants, and the ending of Obama’s “Dreamer Bill,” she’s now flip-flopped her position to be anything that’s anti-Trump.

Her Twitter is a cesspool of liberal rhetoric, in which she resorts to simple minded terms like “bigot,” and “racist,” to smear any and all of her opponents. Apparently the world has completely forgotten about her stance on immigration and building a wall just a few years ago, because they all seem to believe her.

Please help this article go viral—we need to expose Hillary Clinton’s corruption ONCE AND FOR ALL! Thank you and God bless.

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