WATCH: Violent Thug Cries ‘Police Brutality’ During Arrest – Story FALLS TO PIECES After Video Goes VIRAL!

Ever since Obama was put into office, it’s become popular for violent thugs such as this one to cry “police brutality” and “police racism” to avoid dealing with the truth. It’s sad to say that most of the time they get away with it, but fortunately, this thug is going to be spending a long time in prison after his arrest video started going VIRAL.

Every single day in this country, thousands of police officers risk their lives to keep us safe from scumbags trying to hurt us. They put their well-being on the line, often encountering violent criminals, hateful drug dealers, and #BLM activists trying to smear their reputation and get them fired for simply doing their job.

Thankfully with President Trump in office, things have gotten far better for our police force. Due to honest reporting by people like Tucker Carlson and non-mainstream outlets such as Info Wars and Silence is Consent, the people now know that most of these “racist cop” videos are actually anything but.

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In fact, one thug just recently got arrested and had the nerve to claim “police brutality” the entire time. Of course, social justice warriors and brainwashed liberals jumped on his case and immediately began backing him up, claiming that there’s “systemic racism” and other nonsense that’s oppressing this fellow.

Unfortunately for him however, his arrest video just came out—and it’s SHOCKING how much he resists arrest for absolutely no good reason. The video starts with the police confronting him and trying to arrest him, which he’s CLEARLY resisting. He begins yelling out something about a “spine injury,” and how “my neck” is hurting.

Well, that’s funny—because if someone DID actually have a serious spine injury, you’d think they would be peaceful and not fight back against officers, but that’s exactly what this thug did. He starts yelling and screaming, and won’t stop flailing his arms around, refusing to put them behind his back.

They punch him a few times in the shoulder to try and get him to comply, but he continues to resist arrest. “SIR! You’re under arrest!” they continue to yell, but all this thug does is refuse to move and he continues to scream out some nonsense about “my neck.” Again, if he DID actually have a neck injury, you’d think he would comply so that the officers didn’t have to force him into cuffs.

The police officers eventually called in a total of FIVE people to help arrest this punk, because of course any hint of tasing him or using a non-lethal weapon would’ve had liberals up in arms even more. Thankfully, they were FINALLY able to arrest him for being so violent and resisting arrest, but that hasn’t stopped liberals from taking his side.

This is the state of our country—every day, democrats look for stupid cases like this to bring to their side, and they twist the facts to make it seem like “police brutality.” They’ll show some three second clip, take it COMPLETELY out of context, and then use this to add fuel to the fire of the #BLM movement.

But no more, because we the people know the TRUTH! You cannot hide the truth any longer with how fast the internet is growing, and while this may have gotten these police officers fired for “brutality” or “racism” when Obama was in office, now it’s just good for a LAUGH at how this kid resists arrest, and then acts like a victim!

If you think this thug got what he deserved, and you STAND with our courageous police force, please give this article a share on social media! Thank you and God bless America.

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