WATCH: Woman TERRIFIED After What She Sees Muslims Chanting in this Major US City

Muslim Chant in Brooklyn

Many Americans have been concerned about the spread of radical Islam in America, and after what this woman just caught on video, it seems that these concerns are entirely justified.

The Muslim Brotherhood fully understands that in order to destroy America, they must first infiltrate our culture and bring us down from within. The USA is far too powerful for anyone to destroy it head on, so instead of attacking us to our face, they sneakily infest every facet of our society from the top down.

This tactic isn’t new, either—many countries in the past have fallen from this “creeping Sharia,” as it’s called. In fact, some countries are falling from it right this very moment as we speak. Sweden, for example, has dozens of “no go zones,” where even the police dare not tread—filled predominantly with radical, Islamic “refugees.”

Germany has also been experiencing this push for Sharia law after globalist owned Angela Merkel opened their borders to anyone and everyone who wants free welfare. Millions of Germans have protested as their culture has been destroyed, their women raped, and their way of life forgotten, but alas, Europe’s leaders care not.

Our brothers in arms across the Atlantic, namely the UK, is also suffering the same fate although not quite as bad. With Brexit, England-dwellers gained some hope of preserving their culture from the onslaught of Islamic terror, but even so, with Sadiq Khan in power it seems that terrorism is becoming “part and parcel,” of their life.

Many do not believe that radical Islam has spread so deep into America, that it’s in our very towns, our very cities, and our very heartland—but they’re wrong, dead wrong. A woman was walking through downtown Brooklyn, when suddenly she heard something incredibly disturbing.

Radical extremists are known for parading their religion out in front of everyone, because they know that conservatives can’t do a damn thing about it. The second that we condemn these “innocent,” people, the liberals in this country will jump in to defend them, not knowing they’re signing their very own death warrant.

It should come as no surprise then, that in the very heart of downtown Brooklyn, a mosque was caught broadcasting a prayer chant as can be seen in the video below:

“What’s going on? This is Brooklyn!” she can be heard shouting. Unfortunately, many Americans are hopelessly unaware of how far the problem of radical Islam has spread throughout this country. They are now openly broadcasting their religion in the most populous borough of New York City.

Creeping Sharia is meant to be so slow, and so subtle, that by the time anyone realizes they’re being invaded, it’s too late. So far radical Muslims have done an expert job of infiltrating our culture, but Donald Trump’s election has shown us that more Americans are waking up than we thought.

It’s high time for us to start heavily vetting immigrants, and promoting Christianity in this culture once more. The Judeo-Christian values of freedom, courage, and honesty are what made this country great—and it’s time to make it great again.

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