‘We Will Rebuild Together’ – Trump Delivers Inspiring Message Ahead of Hurricane Irma (VIDEO)

Hurricane Irma

President Donald Trump has issued a video message across all major social media platforms to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, and incoming Hurricane Irma in Florida, urging them to stay vigilant, put safety above all else, and unify in the restoration process.

His words come as millions are fleeing the hurricane zone in Florida, and as the Caribbean cleans up after Irma left massive devastation across the region.

The text of his speech is as follows.

My fellow Americans,

As Hurricane Irma approaches, my administration is working closely with our state and local partners to help save lives, protect families, and assist those in need.

This is a storm of absolutely historic destructive potential.

I ask everyone in the storm’s path to be vigilant and to heed all recommendations from government officials and law enforcement.

Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people.

We are doing everything we can to help with disaster preparations, and when the time comes, we will restore, recover, and rebuild together, as Americans.

In times such as these, we see the strength and the resolve of the American spirit, and we see the kindness and courage of our people.

With gratitude for our first responders, and prayers for those in the storm’s path, America stands united.

From Texas to Louisiana, from Florida to Puerto, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and everywhere in between that has been affected by these terrible storms, we will endure and come back stronger than ever before.

The Trump administration was tested with its first major natural disaster just two weeks ago, and proved itself well-suited to handling the crisis – so much so that the virulently anti-Trump enemedia was reduced to manufacturing a #FakeNews tantrum over First Lady Melania Trump’s choice of footwear when she boarded Air Force One during the presidential couple’s first of two journeys to the storm-ravaged Houston area, thus far.

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