Welfare Queens EXPLODE After Seeing THIS SIGN In Philly Grocery Stores!

Welfare in America has gotten completely out of control; especially with food-stamps. As of today, there are close to 47 million people in the USA currently receiving food-aid.

Under Obama’s leadership, food stamps have soared upwards to the tune of about 15 MILLION people to whom the taxpayers are footing the bill. And by the way, this is not a white or black thing, all races are involved in massive welfare scams across this country.

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One chain-store in Philadelphia has had it with welfare queens with their designer bags, professional manicures $750 iPhones, bad attitudes and so on. In short, they are tired of ‘professional mooches’ so They have decided to pull the plug.

As reported by the US Herald:

It is important to point out that most Americans are compassionate and will always stand up for those individuals who are truly in need, however within the last several years there seems to be a growing and alarming trend of able-bodied folks proudly gaming the system and collecting welfare benefits at the expense of hard-working Americans.

Moreover this Administration has actually grown the “welfare state” to an astounding 41% or more than $193 billion since President Barack Obama took office, bringing the total amount of money spent on welfare to nearly $1 trillion dollars, and far more than the $685 billion spent on defense.

It’s within this backdrop of growing welfare fraud and a lack of a cohesive government strategy in dealing with these scam artists that many grocery stores across the nation are putting up signs simply warning welfare recipients that they no longer take EBT cards, which has some welfare recipients upset.


The signs are being hung throughout Wawa grocery stores in Philadelphia, noting their stores are no longer going to be accepting food stamps.

And one blunt sign was posted on Facebook by Jay McGuire and is already going viral! More than 5,000 people have liked it this week… clearly, people are sharing it because they are tired of welfare queens who refuse to work and live off hardworking taxpayers.

H/T US Herald

It’s time for serious, comprehensive welfare reform. Donald Trump has vowed to take care of the problem.

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