Well, Well, Well… Guess Which Major “Hillary Lover” Just Had Their New Orleans Homes DESTROYED

Brad Pitt

If there’s anything that conservatives hate, it’s Hollywood celebrities who have the nerve to shove their politics down our throats. They make millions off of hard working Americans, and then arrogantly judge everyone who wants pro-American politics that benefit the average worker. Funny enough however, it seems that one major A-list celebrity just got a HUGE payback after their New Orleans homes were destroyed.

Hollywood is filled with hypocrites, and this has only become more clear over the past several years. The very same industry that virtue signals 24/7, tells us that we should be more “tolerant,” and proclaims their moral superiority, is also rife with pedophiles, liars, and crooks.

Harvey Weinstein was a prime example of this. He backed politicians like Hillary Clinton with gracious donations and praise, but then behind closed doors was a completely different person. While he was supporting “tolerant” policies in public, he was raping and sexually harassing women in private.

One major celebrity however, namely Brad Pitt, has just suffered a major twist of karma. After endlessly pushing the pro-Hillary politics of Hollywood down our throats, it seems that God decided to give him some payback. According to Daily Mail, his “Hurricane Katrina” houses are in shambles:

Walking around New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood, people are still angry at the impact of Hurricane Katrina and how unprepared the city was for the massive storm nearly 13 years on.

But now some of their wrath is directed at Brad Pitt and his charity Make It Right.

After the levees of the city’s industrial canal were breached, the Lower Ninth Ward of predominantly black and low-income families was decimated by the floods, with most houses swept away or left in ruins.

Among the first to lend a helping hand was Pitt, who – along with his then wife Angelina Jolie – owned a house in New Orleans and set up the charity Make It Right to help regenerate the area. Pitt was lauded as a humanitarian who willing to put his money where his heart was.

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While their intentions may have been noble, it’s hard to tell with these Hollywood folk. Half of them donate to “charities” in order to simply look good in the public eye, and many of these so-called “charities” are anything BUT. One needs to look no further than Soros’ numerous “charities” that are pushing for the decline of Europe.

But according to residents interviewed by DailyMail.com, Pitt hasn’t been seen in the Lower Ninth Ward in years and the last Make It Right home was built in 2016, giving up on its promise to construct 150 new homes – as stated on its out-of-date website – with just over 100 being built.

And many of those houses are falling apart, with roofs caving in, wood rotting and walls collapsing.

Locals told DailyMail.com that they used to see the Hollywood star walking around the neighborhoods, with the organization’s office being in the center of the Lower Ninth. Recently, he is no where to be seen.   

A  source close to Pitt tells DailyMail.com says that Brad has visited New Orleans several times over the past few years—including earlier this year—and continues to make the organization a priority from wherever he may be in the world. 

‘In addition to personally being there, he continues to dedicate significant time and financial support to this project,’ the source said. 

While it’s hard to wish ill upon anyone these days, many conservatives do like to see a Hollywood liberal get what’s coming to them…and after endless virtue signalling during the presidential campaign of 2016, it seems that maybe,  just maybe, Brad Pitt got a little bit of payback from someone up above.

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