WHAT A SAGGY PAIR: Stormy Daniels and Kathy Griffin Team Up to Attack Melania (VIDEO)

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels was in Boston Thursday night to visit with Kathy Griffin, who was performing in the city. After the two met, the first thing they did was to go public with an attack on Melania Trump.

The pair have been angry at President Trump for quite some time, but their fury boiled over after they saw Melania Trump wearing a jacket with a message for the media.

When pictures of the jacket first emerged, Griffin went on a Twitter tirade. “The jacket Melanie wore on the way to meeting the kids held in internment camps has ‘I don’t really care, do you?’ written on the back. F**k these people and f**k anyone who says we should be polite to them or maintain decorum,” she said.

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Insisting her message was meant as a dig at immigrant children held at the border, the pair took to social media to attack her.

In addition to some tweets (which included a picture of them flipping the Trumps the finger) Griffin later posted a video of the two criticizing the First Lady.

“Wouldn’t you know you were in the f***ing jacket? Even if she’s mad at the media, wait a f***ing week,” Griffin quipped in the video.

“Time and place honey,” Daniels said, offering little insight into the conversation.

Here is her initial tweet from Griffin, offering up various levels of obscenities.

There was also this giddy little tweet.

Griffin then posted the video.

Daniels chimed in her support.

Daniels even speculated the jacket incident was sabotage. And we think she’s serious about that.

The Daily Mail reports.

While Griffin blamed Melania’s staff for giving her the jacket, everyone in the room appeared to agree she had to have known there was lettering on it.

Stormy suggested the jacket was perhaps part of a malicious plot to bring down the presidency by gay people.

‘Somebody was like… some gay was by the plane,’ she joked, miming someone sliding up to the First Lady and placing the jacket on her.

‘I love a gay saboteur,’ Griffin responded.

Daniels then revealed her fathers were gay, and Griffin told her: ‘now I get it, now I see where you get your balls, your beauty and your brawn… and your brain’.

The President tweeted that the jacket was meant to send a message to the media, not the immigrant children.

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