What Legacy? Obummer FURIOUS After Trump Just Destroyed MAJOR Racist Policy He Put Into Play!

For years now, Obama has been bragging about his “legacy this” and his “legacy that.” Unfortunately, he left a ton of racist, socialist policies in place after he left office—but unfortunately for him, Trump just decided to completely undo what may be the WORST Obama policy ever created.

We all know that socialists seek to destroy America. Whether it’s through taking all of your money so that they can “redistribute” it to line their pockets, or whether it’s through destroying motivation to better yourself by giving out “equal wages,” their end goal is the same. They seek to destroy this great country.

One of the major ways that Obama sought to do this was by implementing racist policies which discriminated primarily against Caucasian and Asian people. For years now, conservatives have attacked Obummer for prioritizing blacks and other minorities when giving out free educations, but now thanks to Trump, this is no more.

The Clinton News Network reports that Trump just rescinded a MAJOR policy that Obama put into play, which would have given blacks, Muslims, and other minorities an unfair advantage in the college system. Of course they frame it as a bad thing, but you can take a look for yourself:

Washington (CNN) – The Trump administration is planning to rescind a set of Obama-era policies that promote using race to achieve diversity in schools, a source familiar with the plans tells CNN.

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While the decision does not change current US law on affirmative action, it provides a strong illustration of the administration’s position on an issue that could take on renewed attention with the departure of Justice Anthony Kennedy from the Supreme Court.

“The executive branch cannot circumvent Congress or the courts by creating guidance that goes beyond the law and — in some instances — stays on the books for decades,” Justice Department spokesperson Devin O’Malley told CNN in a statement.

“Last year, the Attorney General initiated a review of guidance documents, which resulted in dozens of examples — including today’s second tranche of rescissions — of documents that go beyond or are inconsistent with the Constitution and federal law. The Justice Department remains committed to enforcing the law and protecting all Americans from all forms of illegal race-based discrimination.”

The move, which was first reported on by The Wall Street Journal, has liberal panties up in a bunch, meanwhile conservatives are throwing their hats in the air in celebration. If you’ve ever tried to get your kid into college, you know it can be tough—but with Obama blocking you just because you’re white, it was ten times tougher.

This is exactly what Trump promised to do—to remove the “legacy” of socialism that Obama created, meant to destroy this country, and to put new policies in place meant to make this country great again! Of course, #FakeNews sites such as the Huffington Post are lying through their teeth about these policies, but it doesn’t matter. They can’t do a thing about it.

Last year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he was ending the practice of the Justice Department issuing “guidance documents” that have the “effect of adopting new regulatory requirements or amending the law,” without going through the formal rulemaking process. As a result, 25 documents were rescinded in December.

The guidance that will be reversed Tuesday provided examples of different educational contexts within which institutions could permissibly consider race.

Tuesday’s reversal also does not affect what a school decides to do on its own within the confines of current Supreme Court precedent, but civil rights groups swiftly reacted with disappointment.

“We condemn the Department of Education’s politically motivated attack on affirmative action and deliberate attempt to discourage colleges and universities from pursuing racial diversity at our nation’s colleges and universities,” said Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

…and there you have it, folks. Obama keeps yammering on about his stupid legacy, which if you ask conservatives, did nothing good for this country. He keeps going on about how his legacy will last a lifetime, but funny enough, after President Trump gets through with dealing with every racist Obama policy, his “legacy” may not even last a single term.

If you stand behind Trump 100% in DESTROYING this ridiculously racist Obama policy, then please give this article a share on social media! Thank you and God bless President Trump!

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