What physical education used to be 50 years ago, before we got so soft…

PE class tends to be considered a joke, but it could be something great, and looking at this video it’s clear that it used to be.

We were required in high school to do “the big lap” once a week, it came out to about half a mile, which seemed crazy at the time, but doing it got me in much better shape than I ever had been before, especially since my childhood was riddled with all sorts of health issues, asthma being chief among them.

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” nonsense was really silly to begin with, but seen how PE class used to be conducted makes it seem even worse. Calling it a half-measure would be an insult to fractions.

Physical Education in the 1960’s at LaSierra High PE

Posted by Frank Medrano on Thursday, March 24, 2016

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