When I see this sign “fair” doesn’t come to mind…


Well, this kinda turns the “liberals demand equal results” meme on its head…


So, if the fat kid at the lunch table decides he needs a piece of the other kids lunches…he gets to have it?

That’s how “fair” is being defined here isn’t it?

Or maybe it’s the other way around, the fat kid’s lunch gets redistributed among the skinnier kids who need the fat kid’s calories more than the fat kid does…But isn’t that “fat shaming” the poor little thing? Is that a need now too?

What a fantastic way to destroy the difference between “need” and “want” at an age where learning the real difference is so imperative. I think the person who created this sign should have their brain transplanted with the class hamster.

They clearly need it, so it’s only fair that they get it.

Source: Reddit user unclerudy, h/t iOTWReport

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