White House Communications Director Hope Hicks Suspended from Twitter After ANTIFA Activists Strike

Hope Hicks

One day after 28-year-old Hope Hicks was named the White House Communications Director, she was suspended from Twitter. Alt-Left Antifa activists are claiming responsibility, and the incident proves Twitter is willing to restrict free speech on a whim, even when someone has done nothing wrong.

Hicks had just assumed the role of communications director, which brings much more scrutiny to her Twitter account, @hopehicks45. Left-wing activists also took note, and began reporting her account in droves to Twitter for rules violations. The practice, called “flagging,” triggers an automatic suspension if enough people do it. This usually does not happen to government officials and celebrities with verified accounts, but Hicks is not verified after just one day on the job.

The incident exposes a dirty little secret about Twitter – free speech is a farce if enough people decide they don’t like what you’re saying. A number of people of had their accounts suspended through “flagging” campaigns, and Twitter has done little about it.

The incident was met with indifference by the media, who laughed at it and characterized it as an example of Trump administration incompetence. In any other situation, especially if it had been an Obama administration official, the press would have been outraged over the stunt. They would be lining up to defend Hicks, had she been a liberal Democrat.

Here is how a left-wing “journalist” handled the story. By joking about it. Meet “Jules” from Vice, everyone.

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