Why Hillary Will Be Crowned the Winner at Tomorrows Debate

America First. Vote Donald J. Trump for 2016
America First. Vote Donald J. Trump for 2016

Not long ago, in early August pundits were saying Hillary had this election in the bag. Every where you turned you heard how Hillary was going to beat Trump. However the tables have turned. Trump has not just gained ground he’s ahead in some battleground states by 6-10 points. In Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina and Nevada,  and he’s made significant gains in states Clinton once held comfortably. After a series of politically devastating weeks, which included her alarming physical collapse on September 11th, Clinton has seen her national lead of 8 points by average a month ago collapse to a slim 1.9% advantage. The LA Times/USC tracking poll shows Trump with an average 4-point national lead.


Although the most recent Fox News polls gives Trump a 1-point advantage and Reuters has the two candidates in a dead heat at 39% each. There are may respected national polls which put him well within the margin of error. And it is because Trump has made major gains in the two of the three key swing states that this debate is more important than ever for Hillary.  


Trump has edged Clinton in Ohio and tying her in Florida. He has flipped the script in enough battleground states to give him a legitimate path to the presidency. That is why the chances that Hillary is named the winner of this first debate against Trump are real.  Here are three reasons


  1. Her health: Because of Hillary’s health the fact that she’s been in poor health lately means she’s expected to do poorly. Believe it or not Hillary is the underdog lately; expectations for her are low if she performs even better than expected she’ll be named the winner.


  1. The media:  The mainstream media wants Hillary to win and may even fact check Donald Trump in real life time to make him out to be a liar. It would be hard to argue against the moderator if that happens. You can bet Lester Holt remembers how Matt Lauer was crucified lately for his tough questions to Hillary, and he does not want to make the same mistake. 


  1. Hillary is the most seasoned debater in American political life today. Clinton does not have any real achievements to boast after eight years as First Lady, another eight years in the Senate, four years as Secretary of State, and two presidential campaigns. But years of debating, and years of evading questions, have helped her develop a polished, though uninspiring, public persona that conveys competence.


Please do not despair if Hillary is crowned the winner of this debate. It means nothing to the real debate going on in America. After all this election isn’t about Democrats vs Republicans, It’s not even about Progressives vs Conservatives. This election is about something more important. It is about Globalism vs American Sovereignty; and that is a debate Donald Trump wins handily.

Hillary as president means Obama’s plan to bring the United States under the subjugation of the UN and other International powers succeeds. When democrats in power talk about social justice most democrat Americans think he’s talking about them. He isn’t. Obama is referring to the poor in other nations because Obama thinks in terms of “world governance. We are global citizens” is his thought.  The poorest in America are all rich when compared to the worlds poorest.

I think if democrat voting citizens understood that they would not vote for Hillary. There is only one candidate talking about Americans first. That candidate is Donald J. Trump. I said all that to say this. We don’t care who is named the winner. I have the last word at the ballot box. I vote Trump. I vote America First. How about you?

America First. Vote DOnald J. Trump for 2016


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