Why I am a Latina for Donald Trump

Incredibly in this upside-down era many in the mainstream media has referred to Donald Trump’s advocacy for American workers over foreign workers as being an “extreme” position!
If you listen to Hillary Clinton and the entire Democrat party It would appear that today it is expected that Americans should put the needs and concerns of citizens of other countries ahead of their own needs, concerns. What I’m going to tell you may shock you. Hillary Clinton is a globalist and I’m going to explain why this should eliminate her from your choice for president. American survival depends on you.

What’s at stake this election:

As Americans, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, we are in this battle for survival together. Believe it or not this election is not about Democrats vs Republicans, it’s not about Progressives vs. Conservatives. This election is about Globalism vs. US Sovereignty. Globalism believes we are in a one world government and the needs of the world outweigh the needs of Americans. There are globalist in BOTH parties. These people know the American poor are not poor when compared to the poor of the world. Certainly we could all agree there are people around the globe who are poorer than our poor. I hate to be the one to inform you this is not your parents Democrat Party. This new age democrat party is the party or globalism. Their goal is to bring the world together to feed and cloth and house the poorest of the poor in the world. An altruistic goal to be sure except when you factor in what this means to Americans. If you’re a working poor Hispanic or black person in the United States you probably own a car and have a cell phone. In the globalist economy you’re not poor. Even if you’re having trouble making ends meet; chances are you will become even more poor for the Democrats plan of a global economy to work. Hillary Clinton’s plans point to this end for you.

Why I am A Latina For Trump

The reason why I am a Latina for Trump is that he has told us he is for America first. He understands the globalist plan to tear down American sovereignty would leave the middle class and poor even more poor. He understands how the trade deals have been working towards that end. That manufacturing jobs have gone to other countries to that same end. To bring up the poor in other countries because globalist are trying to level the playing field. Trump knows how foreign and domestic currencies have been manipulated to FALSLY give confidence to and cover to politicians. Trump knows the manipulation of foreign currencies gives power and takes away power from countries

I believe Trump is the man for us at this time in our country. Voting for Hillary will just continue The United States in this downward decline by design.

On Immigration:

Under our current immigration laws our nation admits more lawful immigrants than all of the other countries on this planet. Our immigration laws are utterly blind to race, religion and ethnicity and must finally be effectively enforced!

Tactics of intimidation and deception:

The use of language are the stock and trade of the open borders anarchists. All who would dare suggest that our government must exercise caution in admitting aliens into the United States to protect the safety and security of America and Americans are quickly branded “racist” and notice how the word “patriot” has become a brand of fascism. Their objective is to shut down the debate and discourse. The hallmarks of true democracy is debate and conversation but all conversation even at universities are being shut down. This is a dangerous time in our lives. This November; we must choose a Trump/Pence Presidency. If you want America to keep its Sovereignty; we must choose Trump. The definition of sovereignty is basically that the United States answers to no one. No other governing body but it’s people. That’s how our country was founded. We choose our path without regard for no other people’s but our own. Should we care about the world? Of course. We are a compassionate people but if we want to continue to choose our own way where our president and our legislators make laws for our people then Trump is the only way.

Rosie on the Right

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