WikiLeaks EXPOSES The Truth Behind the STAND DOWN ORDER in Benghazi

This email that was recently released by Wikileaks shows that Hillary Clinton received what amounts to an order from the Saudis to leave the men to in Benghazi.

VIA Liberty Writers News 


Just in case you didn’t know this, she lost $1.5 billion dollars that was sent to the country and got 4 Americans killed. This is the first U.S. ambassador to die in more than thirty years. There are thousands more people that died in Libya as it fell into chaos. The Saudi royal family then “donated” millions to the Clinton Foundation and to her campaign. Of course it could be coincidence, but there are too many coincidences following the Clintons.

The country then fell into chaos and became an ISIS stronghold. Mrs. Clinton does not want this brought up.  Hillary will sell Americans out!

Let’s share this everywhere and expose her!  Here is a bit of history that the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about it – because it shows Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did to take down Libya on behalf of the Saudi’s in 2011. Gaddafi challenged the Muslim leaders in the House of Saud and said that they had joined too closely to the American government. This is what the Saudi King said about: “The lie is before you, and the grave is in front you”

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